Gustav Schäfer net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €3 million
Age: 33
Born: 8/8/1988
Country of origin: Germany (Magdeburg)
Source of Wealth: Musician, drummer at Tokio Hotel
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schäfer became known as the drummer at Tokio Hotel.

early life

Gustav Schäfer was born on September 8, 1988 in Magdeburg. He also has a younger sister named Franziska. Gustav was already playing drums at the age of five. During the game he always emulated his great role model Lars Ullrich, drummer in the band Metallica. In Magdeburg he attended secondary school. After graduating, he went to the business high school Eike von Repgow.

Ever since he was a child, Gustav Schäfer wanted to be a policeman or firefighter. Later, being a truck driver was one of his dream jobs. The wishes were not to be fulfilled, everything turned out differently than expected. He met Georg Listing at a music school in Magdeburg, to which his parents had sent him so that he could learn to play the drums professionally. He was to become his later band colleague at Tokio Hotel, which neither of them suspected at the time they met.

Bassist Georg Listing and Gustav Schäfer finally met the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz in 2001. They made an appearance in Magdeburg. Since the four boys got along right away and shared the same love for music, they couldn’t shake the thought of wanting to make music as a foursome. They saw the best conditions for founding a band and quickly put the plan into action.

In the early days the band called themselves Devilish. At first, however, the group could hardly gain any general attention. It was only when Bill and Tom appeared on the TV casting show “Star Search” that things turned around. A wide public suddenly took notice of the band.

Gustav Schäfer is still a non-smoker and a convinced anti-alcoholic.


After getting to know Georg and later Bill and Tom, an exciting life as a musician began for Gustav Schäfer. In 2005 the band, which had meanwhile renamed itself Tokio Hotel, was signed. The song “Durch den Monsun” made Gustav Schäfer and his bandmates famous overnight. The title literally shot into the German charts and turned the 17-year-old into a star overnight. Even if Bill and Tom were described and interviewed by the media in the foreground of the band, Gustav’s likeness adorned every advertising column and every record cover like that of the three other guys.

In the years that followed, the foursome wowed the teenage crowds. Beyond the borders of Germany, she achieved an unimagined fame, which allowed her to penetrate into the Asian region.

Gustav Schäfer, who was rather quiet at the time, suddenly stood on the world’s stages with his four friends. But Gustav Schäfer was also able to prove his talent as a drummer at all appearances as a band in countries such as Japan, France and also in the USA.

The band paused for a while, which gave Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing a recovered and relatively undisturbed life in Magdeburg. The Kaulitz brothers, on the other hand, moved to Los Angeles. In 2014, Tokio Hotel returned to the music industry with a new album, and since 2017 the band has been extremely successful on tour again, sometimes in Germany and Europe, but mostly in America.

Gustav Schäfer has been in a relationship with his girlfriend since 2009, whom he keeps completely out of the public eye. The two got married in 2015. Their child was born in 2016. The couple has not yet released any further private information.

Career highlights

The highlights of Gustav Schäfer’s career are the highlights of Tokio Hotel. Schäfer never appeared as an individual artist. However, as a member of one of the few German-speaking bands, Gustav Schäfer also became internationally successful with Tokio Hotel. Among other things, he was able to build up a large fan base in many countries in Europe and America.

The album “Scream” reached number 39 on the official Billboard charts in the USA and even reached number 6 in Canada.
The debut album was released in France in autumn 2006. It peaked at number 19 in its first week of release. Tokio Hotel is the first German band to have their debut album make it straight into the French Top 20.

The hit “Durch den Monsoon” immediately rose to number 8 in France. In 2007 the members of the band and thus also Gustav Schäfer received the gold record for “Schrei” in France.

Gustav Schäfer and his band Tokio Hotel even climbed the Israeli airplay charts. In 2007 they reached number 1 here with “Monsoon”. The Israeli fans were so enthusiastic about the four boys that they petitioned for an appearance in Tel Aviv. 3000 enthusiastic listeners celebrated the band.

With “By Your Side” they contributed a title to the soundtrack of the Hollywood film “Prom Night” in 2008. They also recorded a song for the Alice in Wonderland soundtrack in 2010. Together with Kerli they sang the song “Strange”.

Famous quotes

Gustav Schäfer stayed in the background while he was a member of the band. Since he rarely elicited an answer in interviews and is very private in private, there are no quotes from him in the media.

Amazing Facts

In 2009, Gustav Schäfer drew attention to himself after visiting a discotheque. The gazettes were full of reports of a fight and printed photos with stitched wounds to the head. A stranger smashed beer bottles on his head because he had spoken to a girl. He was very uncomfortable with the incident, especially since the press exploited all the details and he could not be blamed in any way.

As a band, Tokio Hotel was also followed in other countries. Gustav Schäfer probably suffered from the hysteria of the fans and the hostilities from people who didn’t like the music of Tokio Hotel. It is therefore hardly surprising that he keeps his private life under wraps and that no information about any financial circumstances can be found. However, it can be assumed that his account should be filled with several millions due to record sales and concert earnings.

Estimated value: €3 million