Gzuz net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €800,000
Age: 33
Born: 06/29/1988
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Kristoffer Jonas Klauß, better known as Gzuz, which stands for ghetto stuff uncensored, is a German rapper who grew up in Hamburg and is part of the hip-hop group 187 Strassenbande. Known for his controversy, he spent three and a half years in prison, among other things.

early life

Klauss was born on June 26, 1998 in Hamburg, where he and his sister were raised by a single mother. From an early age he was drawn to the scene in St. Pauli. A neighborhood best known for the Reeperbahn and home to prostitution etc. He made the active decision to be part of this scene. From then on he came into regular contact with drugs and regularly consumed large amounts of cannabis. He went into rehab for the first time when he was 14.

At the same time, his fall into crime around the Reeper Bahn also led to Klauß being kicked out by his mother.

At 18 he joined the group 187 Strassenbande as Gzuz.

In the early years of his membership in the group, he achieved little musical success.

Rather, he was conspicuous by increasing crime. He has 13 previous convictions. This culminated in a 2010 sentence to three years and six months in prison for robbing a cell phone electronics store, which he also had to serve out in full.


During his stay in prison, the 187 street gang organized a solidarity tour for Gzuz. In 2012, his colleagues toured Germany demanding his release by selling shirts that said Free Gzuz. This is how the rapper found public approval for the first time.

After his release in 2013, he took part in the uprising tour of the 187 Strassenbande and released the album High & hungry with Bonez MC in 2014, which entered the German charts at number 9.

Gzuz was able to gain a lot from this successful start in the official music scene and shortly afterwards released more songs and features with his colleagues LX & Maxwell.

Ebbe & Flut, Gzuz’s first solo album, was released in October 2015. With which he reached number 2 in the German album charts. A little less than a year later he continued his cooperation with Bonez MC and released High & hungry 2. The album made it to number one on the albums chart and achieved gold status.

Despite his increasing popularity and successes, Klauss was unable to break away from crime entirely. In October 2017, Gzuz was arrested. The rapper was remanded in custody on allegations of hitting a drinks store employee and his absence from the court hearing. After paying his bail, he was released five days later and eventually given a four-month suspended sentence.

Shortly thereafter, in May 2018, Gzuz released his second album Wolke 7, which reached number one in the German charts.

He was also able to increase his influence with a job as a supporting actor in the second season of the hit television series 4 Blocks.

But before the end of the same year, conflicts with the law erupted again. Gzuz received a penalty order in November for sexually harassing a woman at the 2018 Splash Festival. The amount of the fine imposed is not known.

It looks like Gzuz’s career is just beginning. With the 187 Strassenbande he will probably continue to make music in the future and maintain his success.

At the same time, it doesn’t look like his criminal slip-ups are going to end anytime soon.

The entire 187 street gang is regularly targeted by the authorities and still maintains its immense success.

For Gzuz, as for many other members, the future promises further successes.

Career highlights

Gzuz has received many different awards throughout his career, often including honors for his videos and specific lines. Among other things, he won with the line “Why this? Why this? Why not even with Message? / And I’m just thinking, why don’t you just shut up?” the prize for the best line at the Awards 2018.

For a video for Ahnma, a song with Beginner & Getleman and for the gang with Ufo361 he won the prize for the best video in two different competitions.

He was also able to win a number of awards together with the 187 Strassenbande, including Best Group International at the Awards 2015.

In 2018 he also achieved the award for best song 2018 with Standard, which was an extensive cooperation with scene greats such as KitschKrieg and Trettmann, also at the Awards.

Famous quotes

“Why this? Why this? Why not even with Message? / And I’m just thinking, why don’t you just shut up?”

“Convertible: Check! Glass is ext / Of course there is sex because I’m parshipping now!”

tips for success

What is interesting about Gzuz’s success is that he consciously chose the scene in which he is so successful today and decided to become part of it. Its success is based on a new form of hip-hop, represented by the 187 street gang. The people he works with are all his friends, and his personal life shows that his lyrics, extreme as they are, are true. Gzuz and his colleagues not only create a gangster image, but actually maintain it and thus gain in authenticity.

Estimated value: €800,000