Hakim Meziani net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 54
Born: 10/01/1967
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: TV
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Hakim Meziani is a presenter, actor and news anchor.

early life

Hakim Meziani was born Hakim-Michael Meziani on October 1st, 1967 in Geesthacht, a small town near Hamburg. His father was of Algerian and Italian descent, his mother is German.

After graduating from the Hansa-Gymnasium in Hamburg, Meziani began studying architecture, but dropped out after two semesters. Due to his interest in film and television, Meziani did an internship at “Offshore” on RTL Nord live in 1992.


In 1995, Meziani starred in Klaus Lemkes’ film “Fools Paradise”. In addition to his up-and-coming television career, he began studying sports science and journalism in the same year, which he completed in 1997 with a diploma. Until then, Hakim-Michael Meziani had worked as a sports reporter for “Radio Hamburg” and took part in an acting seminar with Dominique LeParc. He also expanded his acting skills by taking acting classes with Frank Müller-Sendino and speaking classes with Stefan Wiefel from 1997 to 1998. While Meziani continued to develop as an actor, he was able to land various television roles such as Alexander von Deinburg-Thalbach in “ Forbidden Love”, a well-known early evening series on ARD.

From 1998, Hakim Meziani was also used as a moderator for the first time. In 1999, for example, he moderated the magazine “AXN” on Sat.1 and the travel magazine “Around the Mediterranean” on VOX. Here, too, Meziani continued his training in moderation coaching with Margarethe Bittner parallel to his television work as a moderator. In the same year, Meziani also began studying law, which he successfully completed in 2004. With his newly acquired and well-founded knowledge, Hakim Meziani worked as an editor on the series “Richterin Barbara Salesch” in 1999, where he played the court reporter in one episode.

Hakim Meziani continued to take part in several diverse acting classes and workshops and continued to appear in various television shows. He took acting classes with Alexandra Riechert, Christoph Hilger and Marianne Bernhardt in 2004, the Film Actors Workshop in Los Angeles with Eric Stephan Kline in 2006 and the Comedy Master Class with MK Lewis in 2007. In addition, Meziani attended a seminar in dubbing with Volker Gerth in 2009. From 2004 to 2008 Michael Meziani took on the role of “Kai Süsskind” in the series Marienhof. Other series in which Meziani has acted include Eine Liebe zum Gardasee and Liebes Leid und Lust in 2005, Die Anrheiner in 2006 and Soko München in 2008. Meziani has been in since 2011 the ARD hit series “Red Roses”.

Career highlights

Michael Meziani became famous through the ARD soap opera Marienhof, where he played the sports teacher Kai Süsskind. Over the years, more television appearances followed, with which his level of popularity grew steadily. The half-German achieved his breakthrough at the latest with his role as Ben Berger in the telenovela “Rote Rosen” on ARD, which he has been playing since May 19, 2011.

Another important milestone for Meziani is the participation in the program “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”, in which he took part with his family in 2019. In addition, Hakim Meziani caused a stir with the show “Unser Traum vom Haus”, where viewers were able to accompany him and his wife Anja as they built their own home together.

Famous quotes

“I want to know what that does for us as a family.” – With this, Hakim Meziani revealed his curiosity about how the television social experiment “Suddenly Poor, Suddenly Rich” affected his family.

Amazing Facts

What many do not know: Hakim Meziani grew up without a father. He separated from his mother in the first few weeks of his life. In addition, his father is said to have threatened to kidnap him, but never did so because his mother moved with him and his sister and set up a new phone number. As a grown man, Hakim Meziani was looking for his father. However, contact was never made because his father had already died at the time of the search.

Also amazing is the fact that Hakim Meziani has been in a relationship with his current wife Anja Meziani for 18 years.

In an interview, Meziani also describes himself as a “sleep neurotic”. He also stated that he needs complete silence and darkness when he sleeps, which is why he uses a t-shirt tied over his eyes as a sleep mask.

Also amazing is the fact that Hakim Meziani founded the social network “Starmeo” together with his wife Anja. This is an online portal where fans can connect directly with celebrities. In contrast to other portals, there is the advantage that the celebrities are verified and fans therefore do not run the risk of encountering fakes. In addition, the platform is also actively used by celebrities themselves, whereby they can easily communicate with each other.

Estimated value: €2 million