Harald Glööckler Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €8 million
Age: 57
Born: 05/30/1965
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: fashion designer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Harald Glööckler was born in Maulbronn-Zaisersweiher in 1965 and has been a successful fashion designer for many years. His unusual look and his unusual appearance in public are particularly striking. His fashionable creations are just as unusual, dazzling and glittering as he himself. The trademark of Glööckler and his brand is a crown motif, which is often supplemented with a glittering “Pompöös” lettering.

He is one of the most successful German fashion designers of our time and has built his brand on his own.

early life

Harald grew up in a family that ran an inn, he has a brother who is two years younger. In interviews he has said several times that he grew up in difficult circumstances. Accordingly, his mother died when he was 14, according to him, the reason was that his father caused a fall on the stairs and his mother died as a result of the fall. However, an “accident” was given as the official cause of death, since the investigators apparently had little or no evidence of intentional killing. This circumstance occupied him for many years, because of which he did not speak a word to his father for 13 years (until his death in 1992).

Harald was interested in fashion very early on in his youth and sewed evening dresses for friends and acquaintances. Soon after, he completed an apprenticeship as a retail salesman at Sämann, where he initially worked as a salesman in the men’s department.


His actual career began with the opening of the fashion store “Jeans Garden”, which he opened in November 1987 together with his manager and life partner (Dieter Schroth). In this shop in Stuttgart, they initially sold specially designed jeans and shirts designed by Glööckler himself. Over the years, the store was then renamed “Pompöös”. Only three years later (1990) both founded their own fashion label, both used the same brand name.

The first own fashion shows followed, and a separate song with a music video was even produced for these shows. He soon appeared with other members in costume as a musical group under the name “Pompöös” and became known to a wider audience through appearances on television shows. From this point on, his brand became even better known and celebrity customers such as Chaka Khan and Gina Lollobrigida, among others, were added.

More fashion shows with celebrities followed and in 1997 he was even invited to a trade fair in Hong Kong with his fashion show for the tenth anniversary. After returning from Hong Kong, however, some differences arose with a partner who soon after retired from the company.

In 1998 he opened an art gallery in Stuttgart with pictures that he had designed himself.

Career highlights

From the 2000s he took off and from 2004 he started selling his products on television. A contract with HSE24, the home shopping broadcaster, was signed and from 2008 even appearances on QVC UK followed, as well as in Japan for the Shop Channel from 2009. From 2011 he even designed his own jewelry collection for the discounter Lidl. In January 2011 he then signed a contract with QVC Germany, where he regularly moderates sales programs for his products.

He also likes to appear in various television shows, such as on Let’s Dance as a jury member, or in the documentary “Herr Glöööckler moves” on VOX.

A weekly personality documentary, as well as a casting show for plus-size models and various talk show appearances followed.

Furthermore, some publications about Harald Glööckler were published, he also played in the movie “Fünf Freunde 4”, which was released in 2015.

Amazing Facts

He has long campaigned for the animal rights organization PETA, for which he had himself photographed naked for a campaign in 2004. He also has a big heart for children, the designer is an ambassador for the German children’s charity and children’s emergency fund.

In 2013 he proposed to his longtime partner (Dieter Schroth) at the Vienna Opera Ball, since then the two have been engaged and live together in Berlin.

Since his visit to Gina Lollobrigida in Rome, he discovered his soft spot for painting. An art historian once compared his works to those of Andy Warhol or Roy Liechtenstein.

Harald Glööckler also likes to listen to and make music privately, but says he prefers to limit himself to chanting when making music. He likes listening to classical music, but his musical repertoire also includes rap, techno, soul and R’n’B.

He once said that every month he keeps a list of pluses and minuses about people or things that are good for him or not. At the end of the month, if the minus predominates in anyone or anything, it is usually erased from their life.

In his private life, he prefers to be comfortable and doesn’t attach much importance to fashionable or unusual looks. At home, security and well-being are his dearest assets!

Estimated value: €8 million