Heintje Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1 million
Age: 66
Born: 08/12/1955
Country of origin: Netherlands
Source of Wealth: singers and actors
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Hendrik Nikolas Theodor Simons was born in the Netherlands in 1955 and made a career as a child star under the name Heintje. The former favorite of all mothers now lives on a horse farm in Belgium, near his children, and can look back on his life with satisfaction.

early life

Heintje grew up in modest circumstances in the Dutch town of Bleyerheide with his parents and sister. His mother Mama Hanny was a housewife and his father Hein Invalide with stone dust lung. The first to find commercial inspiration in the boy was a friend of Kleyngeld’s named Jean van Liebergen. At a talent fair in Schaesberg, Heintje sang the famous hit “Mamma” to a record by the Italian wonder boy Robertino, which was to become Heintje’s trademark from then on. In 1966, little Hendrik was discovered and signed by Schlager agent Addy Kleyngeld. Mr. Kleyngeld got the parents to sign a notarial agreement stating that the commissions Heintje received per record sold would remain in a blocked account. The manager also brought the boy to Helmond every weekend, where he knew a healthy and fun-loving environment for the child star at a horse farm. It was very important to him that the boy continued to attend school normally, since he did not excel in class anyway and was more likely to be characterized by bad behavior. Only once a week was Heintje von Kleyngeld called in for cultural activities. Tours such as to the USA for the Ed Sullivan Show or to Japan only took place during the summer and winter holidays.

Simons continues to benefit from the manager’s prudent approach to this day. Even later, in the same style, he always invested his income conservatively and thus made it possible for himself to run his own riding business in the border triangle.

Career highlights

Heintje recorded his first long-playing record for the Bremer Ariola producer Wolfgang Roloff in exchange for a promised pony, which the child star then received from Kleyngeld. Since the twelve-year-old boy’s voice was about to break, the record producers encouraged him to do his best. In Germany, Heintje made his breakthrough in 1967 with the German version of “Mama”, which he presented on television. The title stayed in the German charts for 25 weeks and became the country’s best-selling single the following year. From now on, Hendrik Simons’ career could not be stopped.

In total, Heintje received 40 gold records, one platinum record, a Bambi and two Golden Lions. In 1968 the boy was also discovered as an actor at the same time and from 1969 he made several films in which the main roles were specifically attributed to him. A contract that would have tied Heintje to Hollywood for seven years at the age of 14 was rejected by his parents.

After his voice broke, Heintje tried a comeback from 1973 with rather modest success. From the mid-1990s, as Hein Simons, he was finally able to score points in the field of folk music.

Famous quotes

Heintje reveals to the WAZ about his career as a child star: “I always wanted to be a singer. My father didn’t even want to go to my first singing competition, he said: You don’t stand a chance anyway.” When asked if he was more of a father’s child or a mother’s child, the singer says: “Men can do more with men from time to time. But nicer things can be done with women.” And Simons was not a model child, as propagated by the media: “I was a completely normal child. Just as cheeky, maybe even a little cheekier than the others. But nobody noticed that except my parents.”

tips for success

Hendrik Simons repeatedly emphasizes that unexpected money should be invested without risk and that you have to keep both feet on the ground. Success comes and goes and that way you’re taken care of and can look back on previous successes with pride instead of nostalgia.

Estimated value: €1 million