Helene Fischer Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €35 million
Age: 37
Born: 08/05/1984
Country of origin: Russia
Source of Wealth: crooner
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

She likes animal documentaries, cooking shows and listening to rock music. She has a penchant for melancholy and doesn’t really like being the center of attention. Friends call her quiet. A description that could apply to many people, but least to Helene Fischer, a woman with many facets who turns into a volcano as soon as she is on stage.

early life

Yelena Petrovna, aka Helene, was born in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, in 1984. Her mother works as an engineer, her father is a sports teacher. She has a 6 year older sister named Erika with whom she shares her love of music. At the age of two, Helene entertained family and friends with her singing performances.

In 1988, the Fischers decided to leave Russia and move to Germany, more precisely to Wöllstein in Rhineland-Palatinate, together with their grandparents and close relatives. Helene Fischer first went to secondary school there, taking theater and ballet lessons. In the following years she completed training as a musical actress in Frankfurt, which she completed in 2003 with a state-recognized degree. During this time she got her first engagements at the Staatstheater in Darmstadt. She sings and dances in Anatevka, as well as the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


In 2004, Helene’s mother secretly sent a cassette with an audio sample of the musical talent
her daughter to Uwe Kanthak, the operator of an artist management. He is enthusiastic about Helene’s voice and immediately gets in touch with the music producer Jan Frankfurter. Frankfurter signs her and gives her her first performance in front of a large audience. It is the “wedding festival of folk music” and she sings, still very shy and reserved, an operetta medley in a duet with the moderator of the show, Florian Silbereisen. It is the beginning of a long friendship and love affair, but also the starting signal for Helene’s unstoppable career.

In 2006 the first album “From here to infinity” was released. There is gold and multiple platinum for it. The texts were mainly written by Kristina Bach, Uwe Kanthak’s ex-wife, who is a pop singer and producer herself. Other albums quickly follow, “Magic Moon” and “So wie ich bin”, all of which can place themselves in the hit parade, but do not have such a relevant success as the later album “Für Eine Tag”, which was released in 2011. For the first time, Helene Fischer’s music lands at number 1 in the charts. Even outside of Germany – in Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands – people are now paying attention to the singer.

In 2012, Helene tried a little detour into acting. She embodies a tour guide on the dream ship and plays a contract killer alongside Til Schweiger. She also advertises herbal butter, coffee and hair products and publishes her own magazine called Paradise. You can even buy a perfume from her now.

In 2013 the new album “Farbenspiel” was released and took first place in all German-speaking countries. And songwriter Kristina Bach turned out to be a veritable gold mine: the single “Atemlos” stayed in the German charts for 116 weeks. It’s sung at Oktoberfest and even the German soccer team sings it on their way to the stadium at the World Cup to motivate themselves – and win.

Helene Fischer goes on tour and in the same year records a Christmas album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This immediately reached number 1 in Germany and proved to be a box office hit. A success that is repeated every year.

Helene Fischer’s seventh album is simply called “Helene Fischer” and will be released in 2017. She is now co-writing her texts. Again the album climbs to number 1 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and wins numerous prizes.

From 2017 to 2018 she goes on tour, twice in a row, first in the big arenas, then in the stadiums. The program has become more professional: acrobats swing on ropes, colorful balloons fly through the air, it rains tons of confetti, jets of flame go up at the edge of the stage. A technically complex spectacle that is reminiscent of a mixture of children’s birthday parties and Rammstein and does not have to hide behind the stage shows of big international stars. The fisherman has also changed visually. Her hair is getting longer, her outfits bolder. But her innocent smile remains.

In October 2020 it was confirmed that Helene Fischer is pregnant. The father of the child is her friend Thomas Seitel.


Helene Fischer can look back on numerous achievements: she has sold a total of over 16 million records. Few albums by other artists have been able to market themselves in Germany as well as their Christmas CD and the album “Farbenspiel”. Of the 39 awards she received for her work, 17 are Echo prizes alone. It can be assumed that she earned around 3.2 million euros per appearance. In 2018, Forbes magazine ranked her the 8th highest earning singer, ahead of Celine Dion and Britney Spears.

She earns income not only from her music, but also from advertising and fan articles of all kinds. Her name has now become a protected brand. She has also proven herself as a presenter. Every Christmas since 2011, she has been leading the “Helene Fischer Show”, where she can demonstrate her musical and dancing versatility outside of the pop spectrum. She sings duets with the most successful national and international stars: Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bolton, Tom Jones, Robbie Williams. 2014 also with Udo Juergens. The appearance together with Helene Fischer was the last before his death.


One of Helene Fischer’s most important statements are those on the subject of racism, although she is otherwise more reserved with political opinions. When the rapper duo Kollegah and Farid Bang received an Echo prize for their album in 2018, despite their xenophobic and anti-Jewish lyrics, Fischer reported on Facebook with the statement that the rapper’s performance was “inappropriate and shameful”. She looks back with pride on her 17 echoes, but adds: “Nevertheless, I think one should have considered beforehand whether violence, hate and anger should have such a large presence on television. I assume you will agree with me when I say no.” With the song “We break the silence” she made it clear “how important values ​​such as humanity, tolerance, respect and non-violence are to me. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, where you’re from, the color of your skin or who you love.”

Amazing Facts

Helene Fischer is actively involved in helping children in need. The “” association is dedicated to protecting children and young people from prostitution and sexual abuse, among other things. In order to help said institution, Helene Fischer auctioned herself or a private appearance in the living room of the highest bidder. She raised 160,000 euros for a good cause.

Estimated value: €35 million