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Hella von Sinnen Net Worth, dude in 2023 Career & Relationship

Hella von Sinnen Net Worth, dude
Hella von Sinnen Net Worth, dude

Hella Von Sinnen Net Worth,age – German actress and comedian Hella von Sinnen is a television presenter. Hella Kemper was born in Gummersbach in 1959. Both graduated from high school in 1977 and are still close friends today.

She then went to Cologne to study theatre, film and television studies as well as German and pedagogy, but she did not finish them. In 1980, Dada Stievermann and Dirk Bach founded the cabaret trio “Stinkmäuse” with her. She was part of the ensemble when her discoverer, director Walter Bockmayer, used him in the Theater in der Filmdose.

She became known in 1988 as a co-moderator of the RTLplus show Alles keine oder?! with Hugo Egon Balder. In addition to her characteristic onomatopoeia “Tschacka-Tschacka”, which she used for a while, she caused a sensation with every recording by dressing in new and lavish clothes. Art students from Cologne designed the clothes and adapted them themselves.

In 1994, after touring German cabaret stages with her play Ich Bremsen für Mann, Shenzi, the hyena from The Lion King, was voiced in the German version of Whoopi Goldberg’s popular animated film Dirk Bach, with whom she shared an apartment and was good friends.

Hella von Sinnen was a regular guest on Blond am Freitag on ZDF with Ralph Morgenstern. From 2003 to 2010 she was with Bernhard Hocker on Sat.1 Genial beseben – Die Comedy Arena as a permanent advisory team for the show. She and others were awarded the Golden Romy in 2005 for the best program concept of this show.

Hella von Sinnen Net Worth, dude

Despite the fact that she and Balder frequently cross paths and exchange insults on the show, the two are close friends. From 2011 to 2012 she was the presenter of the RTL 2 click stars. In 2015, Hugo Egon Balder appeared regularly in the new program Der Klugere kippere nach Tele 5. In 2016, Balder celebrated a triumphant return to RTL with the television series Die Kirmeskönige, which he hosted.

Sinnen made his stage debut in Flaschko in February this year. Since March of this year, von Sinnen has also been advising the latest issue of Genial – The Comedy Arena on Sat.1. Since April 2017 she has been moderating Comic Talk on the mass television internet platform. An event organized by the Lesbian and Gay Association in Germany (LSVD) called “Aktion Standesamt” brought them together in 1992.

Hella Von Sinnen net worth: €3 million (estimated), Hella Von Sinnen age: 62 years (2 February 1959)

The song Ja, ich will emerged from this collaboration with the German band Rosenstolz, whose video was directed by Sinnen and Scheel. Even though Hella von Sinnen has played an important role in the fight against homophobic discrimination through various projects, she stated in an interview with the Huffington Post that she was not politically active. In November last year, she and Cornelia Scheel announced their separation.

Don’t give AIDS a chance, that was the slogan of a 1990 commercial by the Federal Center for Health Education. Helen von Sinnen was the cashier in the supermarket and Ingolf Lück was the frightened customer who secretly wanted to buy condoms. They were excellent. A loud, piercing saleswoman yells across the store, “Rita, how much are the condoms?” when the buyer is ready to buy. The ad had to end with “Tina, how much do condoms cost? Hella von Sinnen is a Cologne-based artist and author.

Hella von Sinnen Net Worth, dude
Hella von Sinnen Net Worth, dude