How Microsoft’s Calibri font revealed corruption of Sharif family

How Microsoft’s Calibri font revealed corruption of Sharif family

Wikipedia disabled Calibri font edit option after various edit entries from Pakistan

The investigation of Panama Case in Pakistan has now entered its crucial stage as Joint Investigation Team (JIT) submitted their report of Sharif’s money trail in Supreme Court.

‘Calibri font’ became a trending topic on social media in the country after JIT used Calibri font as a proof against Pakistan’s PM in their historic report which concludes that Maryam Nawaz is indeed the real and beneficial owner of the Avenfield apartments.

After JIT has been made public, it revealed that the documents from 2006 submitted by Maryam Nawaz Sharif were in the Calibri font, which was not commercially available before 31st January, 2007.

The documents regarding the Trust declarations of Nescoll and Nielson Limited, and Coomber Incorporation provided to the JIT by Maryam Nawaz, claimed to have been signed in February 6, 2006. But it is important to note that the Calibri font wasn’t commercially available despite being created in 2004, the font did not reach the general public until January 30, 2007.

This discrepancy not only cast questions of doubt against the legality of the papers and possibilities of it being doctored but also weakens Sharif’s case.

The anomaly was flagged by London’s Redley Forensic Document Laboratory to whom the Pakistani team has sent the documents for authentication.

Though, report surmised that some of the documents it received from Sharif’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz Sharif, were forged, because they used Microsoft’s ‘Calibri font’.

Sharif Sharif, who is currently third time Prime Minister of Pakistan, came under investigation following the historic Panama Papers. The Pakistani Prime Minister’s family along with numerous top ranks was mentioned in Panama leaks.

The recently released JIT report charges the PM with perjury, hiding his wealth, forging documents, and living beyond his means. Pakistan’s opposition parties are now calling for Sharif’s resignation.

Wikipedia disabled Calibri font edit option after quick attacks

According to Wikipedia,’ Calibri font’ released on June 6, 2006 which contradict Maryam’s claim to have been used February 2006.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia claimed that they have received so many edit requests that it has protected the Calibri Wikipedia page “from editing until July 18, 2017, or until editing disputes have been resolved”.

However, Wikipedia has given protected status to its entry on the Microsoft office default font after a significant number of people in quick succession attempted to edit the date of its release to the public.

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