Icrimax Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €3 million
Age: 24
Born: 10/09/1997
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Youtubers, influencers
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Icrimax, or bourgeois Maximilian Schuster is a German Youtuber from the so-called Let’s Play scene. Since late 2013 he has been producing regular videos showing him playing popular games like Fortnite and GTA5. Icrimax now has over two million subscribers on YouTube alone. And he also has several hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

early life

The YouTuber, who is known throughout Germany, is more than reserved when it comes to his private life.

He has managed to this day that almost no details about him or his family have been published. All that is known is that he spent his childhood in Rhineland-Palatinate and after graduating from school in 2017 moved to a YouTube flat share in Cologne. Cologne is considered the media capital of Germany, which is why this step was certainly beneficial to his career.


Icrimax’s career began on Christmas Day 2013. On this special day, Maximilian Schuster opened his account on the YouTube video platform and uploaded his first video that same evening.

At that time, however, it was not yet possible to foresee what was to emerge from this. Icrimax started producing new videos and putting them online almost every day. In this way, he quickly acquired a considerable number of subscribers, which is still increasing. In the meantime, however, Icrimax is no longer exclusively a Youtuber. He also regularly streams live on the Twitch platform and is also an entrepreneur who sells his own merchandise in his online shop.

The available products mainly include sweaters and T-shirts, but controllers and care products are also available under his name through cooperation with other companies.

Since several million people follow him on the various platforms, it is now probably more lucrative for Icrimax to sell products than the pure income from the videos. Another, very lucrative source of income should be his sponsorship. Due to his popularity, various companies from the gaming industry naturally want to work with him. Such collaborations are likely to have contributed a significant portion of Icrimax’s total assets in today’s market environment.

Career highlights

Icrimax’s career is actually one big highlight in itself. Since opening his account at the end of 2013, he has only ever gone in one direction: upwards.

Due to his secrecy, no private details are known.

Famous quotes

Icrimax protects his private life far more than other youtubers. In his videos, he focuses on the games and entertaining comments, but he doesn’t reveal anything private.

Therefore, unfortunately, there are no quotes or interviews from Icrimax.

Amazing Facts

The Icrimax account on YouTube has another highlight in addition to its more than two million subscribers.

To date, his videos have been viewed more than 600 million times. An incredible achievement. Especially since Icrimax produces its videos in German.

To this day, Icrimax produces at least one video for its fans every day.

Icrimax shows in an impressive way how you can earn your success with constant, hard work. While he was still at school, he recognized that the most important prerequisite for long-term success is continuous development and knowing your customers and followers well. The predominantly very young fan community demands regular videos that offer a lot of fun. Because with the large offer on the Internet, it would otherwise be very easy to switch to other channels.

Icrimax, however, has turned its fans into a loyal and now very lucrative fan base over the years. Therefore, he can now advertise and sell a wide variety of products. His fans have such a close bond with him and trust his opinion. And even if it sometimes seems different today: Trust is essential for lasting success!

Estimated value: €3 million