Ikke hip gold Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1 million
Age: 45
Born: 09/17/1976
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

The singer Ikke Hipgold’s real name is Matthias Distel and he was born on September 17th, 1976 in Limburg an der Lahn. After graduating from high school, he worked in horticulture. His interest in music led him to teach himself to play a few instruments and then lead singers in various German rock bands. A losing bet led to his talent for singing party hits. He made his debut on Mallorca in 2009 in “Bierkönig”. Ikke Hipgold wears a tracksuit and a wig during his performances. He always shows the middle finger. So he has become a cult figure who has up to 150 appearances a year.

early life

Ikke Hipgold, alias Matthias Distel, was born on September 17th, 1976 in Limburg. He graduated from the Tilemann School in Limburg. He broke off his studies in order to found a horticultural business with a partner, of which he is still the managing director today. This job did not fulfill him and so he began to teach himself to play some musical instruments. For a few years he appeared as the lead singer of various rock bands. In the meantime he had started a family and had two daughters. In order to change, in 2007 he started producing radio plays for children. A friend asked him if he could also compose a Ballermann hit. Matthias Distel didn’t want to get involved at first. When his friend provoked him that he probably couldn’t do such a thing, he wrote his first party song, which became an instant hit.


The first appearance in the very popular Mallorca pub “Bierkönig” made him famous. He presented himself here as Ikke Hip Gold and sang his song “Drinking sucks, but we do it anyway”. The first bookings for an appearance came immediately. He quickly became the busiest singer and in 2012 received an award for the best newcomer on the scene in Mallorca. He made his breakthrough in 2014 with the song “Big Tits, Potato Salad”, which became a hit on Mallorca and Ballermann. In the same year he managed a placement in the German charts. The art figure Ikke Hipgold has become a cult. Matthias Distel didn’t actually want to be a singer and certainly not a star who was approached on the street because of his popularity. He also wanted to protect his family from too much attention.

So he created the character “Ikke Hipgold” with his producer Dominik de Leon. The red tracksuit and the black, somewhat shaggy wig are the hallmarks that define this cult figure. Ikke Hipgold starts every performance with an outstretched middle finger. That’s the mark of recognition, which is reciprocated by his fans. Ikke Hipgold had established itself as a permanent fixture in the party scene on Mallorca. His performances turned into big events. The fans often went over the top and unfortunately the pub “Bierkönig” was forced to ban him from the pub. Ultimately, he had to leave his domicile on the “Ballermann”. Matthias Distel did not let himself be defeated. He has repositioned himself and is now delighting audiences in Croatia and on the Golden Sands in Bulgaria. But he not only celebrates great success as a singer, but also as a producer and lyricist. Together with Dominik de Leon, his business partner, he is one of the most important party hit producers in Germany. He composes songs for Lorenz Büffel and Mia Julia. These two are among the most well-known stars on the Mallorca scene. In 2016 he founded “Summerfield records”, a production company, with Dominik de Leon, among others. They have set themselves the goal of producing their own songs and looking for new talent. This company is doing well and Matthias Distel has led a more regular life since it was founded. The vagabond life that cost him his marriage has been scaled back.

Career highlights

One of the highlights of his career is the award for best newcomer on the Mallorca scene. He received this prize in 2012. In 2018 he received the gold disc for the song “Johnny Däpp”, which he wrote for Lorenz Büffel. The song became the best-selling German hit since 1975. The award of the platinum record for this Ballermann hit in July 2020 was an absolute sensation.

Famous quotes

Ikke Hipgold communicates with his fans and says: “I bow to you, because we’ve been tearing down all the locations for years. Always with the middle finger raised as a sign of mutual appreciation, respect and peace.” Another saying for his fans is that they are his engine, his inspiration and his drive to continue on this liver-damaging path.

Amazing Facts

Ballermann hit writer Matthias Distel has become a music expert. He appears as an artist in magazines such as “RTL explosive”, “Akte” on SAT 1 and “taff” on ProSieben and makes comments as a hit expert, because his opinion is in demand. He also took part in “Celebrity Big Brother” in August 2020. At the end of the season, he finished No.4.

Estimated value: €1 million