Imran calls India out for Islamophobia, Kashmir, says neighbor planning a ‘misadventure’

Imran calls India out for Islamophobia, Kashmir, says neighbor planning a ‘misadventure’

Imran reiterated that the Kashmir issues must be resolved for lasting peace in the region

Prime Minister Imran Khan lambasted India in his virtual speech at the UN General Assembly for its Hindutva ideology, the torturous treatment of Kashmiris, and their designs for another misadventure for propaganda purposes.

Khan clearly noted that the current Indian government is fanning Islamophobia and believes that only Hindus have the rights in India.

“The one country in the world today where, I am sad to say, the state sponsors Islamophobia, is India. The reason behind this is RSS ideology that unfortunately rules India today,” Khan said. “They believe that India is exclusive to Hindus and others are not equal citizens.”

Sole the Kashmir issues

Khan asked the international community to play its part in the solution of the Kashmir dispute as long lasting peace in South Asia cannot be achieved without it. He also called India out for gross human rights violations that it continues to commit in the occupied region.

“There will be no durable peace and stability in South Asia until the Jammu and Kashmir dispute is resolved on the basis of international legitimacy,” Khan said.

“The international community must investigate these grave violations and prosecute the Indian civil and military personnel involved in state terrorism and serious crimes against humanity.”

Another false flag operation by India?

The prime minister also said that India is planning to carry out any other misadventure to divert the attention of the world from the atrocities it is carrying out in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He warned against any such designs as both countries are armed with nuclear weapons and results can be devastating.

“In order to divert attention from its illegal actions and atrocities in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir, India is playing a dangerous game of upping the military ante against Pakistan in a nuclearized strategic environment,” he said. I want to make it clear that any attempt by the fascist totalitarian RSS-led Indian government to aggress against Pakistan will be met by a nation that will fight for its freedom to the end.”

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