India sees record single day spike as corona cases hit 4 million

India sees record single day spike as corona cases hit 4 million

Maharashtra is worst hit by COVID with a quarter of the cases in the country reported from the state

The spread of coronavirus in India is getting out of hand as the total number of positive cases has crossed four million. It only took 13 days for the last one million cases to be reported. On Friday, India reported more than 86,000 cases, a single day record for the Asian country. For the last few days, India has been recording over a thousand deaths every day. There are almost 800,000 corona tests being carried out in India every day.

The United States and Brazil are the only two countries before India to have crossed four million COVID-19 positive cases. A few weeks back, Brazil had over one million cases more than India. However, Brazil is ahead of India by only a few thousand cases as the Southern American nation has gotten some degree of control over the virus spread.

The problem is getting worse with the government easing restrictions to help the stalling economy of the country. The cases are no longer limited to the cities and reports from the rural areas about COVID positive cases are coming. The generally poor state of the healthcare facilities also compounds the problem.

Epicenter of the virus

Maharashtra state is currently accounting for a quarter of the new cases of the virus every day. The state, which also homes India’s financial capital Mumbai, is also a source of spreading COVID-19 to other parts of the country. Experts believe that the state should be the focal point against the fight against coronavirus as India has yet to achieve the peak of virus spread. They believe that due to Mumbai, people from all over the country travel to and from the state and are becoming a cause of the spread of corona.

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