Indian PM Modi congratulates Imran Khan on Pakistan Day

Indian PM Modi congratulates Imran Khan on Pakistan Day

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid also wrote a letter to her Pakistani counterpart and hoped for better relations

In a rare gesture of goodwill, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote a letter to his Pakistan counterpart to congratulate him on Pakistan Day. Modi expressed his desire for cordial relations between the two countries and said that an environment of trust is a must for the purpose.  

“As a neighbouring country, India desires cordial relations with the people of Pakistan,” Modi wrote, adding: “For this, an environment of trust, devoid of terror and hostility, is imperative.”

The letter comes days after Pakistan’s Army Chief Gen. Qamar Javed Bajwa expressed his desire for peace in the region. He called for India to act in a more mature manner and play its part in the region’s geoeconomic integration.

“Our efforts for peace in Afghanistan and the responsible and mature behavior with the crisis situation with India manifests our desire to change the geopolitical contestation to geo-economic integration,” Bajwa said.

Pakistan and India have had a rocky relationship in recent times with the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir as the core issue. However, both sides agreed to strictly enforce the seize fire at the line of control. The statements from both sides indicate that the ice may be thawing and better relations between the two neighbors may be a possibility.

Bangladesh PM writes to Imran

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina Wajid also felicitated Imran Khan on the occasion of Pakistan Day. She vowed that her country is committed to better relations with all neighbors including Pakistan. The relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh have been improving recently with constant diplomatic contacts.  

“On behalf of the government and the people of Bangladesh and my behalf, I would like to extend to you, and through you, to the government and the people of Pakistan, our heartiest greetings on the occasion of Pakistan Day,” the letter read. “Bangladesh is committed to peaceful and cooperative relations with its neighboring countries, including Pakistan.”

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