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Inscope21 assets in 2022 Career & Relationship

Inscope21 (civil Nicholas Lazaridis) is a German comedy youtuber, live streamer, influencer and entrepreneur from Stuttgart. He owns two Youtube channels (Inscope21 and Inscope Lifestyle) and is currently the 61st most popular YouTuber in Germany with 2.19 million subscribers. In this article, we will go into detail about how high that Assets and income from Inscope could actually be.

Inscope21 assets in [year] Career & Relationship Profile Picture

Inscope21 assets in [year] Career & Relationship Profile Picture

Note: The following information is no longer entirely up-to-date. As soon as we know more, this article will be updated.

How much money does Inscope21 have?

Considering all previous and current sources of income, this amounts to estimated net worth from Inscope21 (Nicolas Lazaridis) in 2019 around 500,000 dollars. There hasn’t been any official information about his Net Worth to this day, so consider the figures purely as estimates.

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According to his own statements in one of his live streams, he gets involved Salary of 5,000 dollars per month pay out of his company. He said he doesn’t need more money a month right now and that he reinvests most of his earnings in the company.

In a live stream on February 9th, 2020, he answered a viewer question and also mentioned that he is currently significantly more than 15,000 dollars per month deserve.

If you trust these values, this results in an income of 60,000 dollars in 2019. Inscope21 himself stated that he with his company in 2018 a turnover of several million dollars have made.

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How does Inscope21 earn its money?

Inscope21 is known to many people as “Youtuber”. However, in addition to his work as a YouTuber, he also owns his own company with his close friend and business partner Tim Gabel, which adds numerous other sources of income.

All known sources of income at a glance:

  • Revenue from Youtube (advertising)
  • Income from Twitch (donations, subscribers)
  • Income from own fashion label (OLA KALA)
  • Income from product placements & sponsorships
  • Income from internal projects (unknown)

G-IN Fitness & Lifestyle GmbH

Inscope21 runs the company together with fitness youtuber Tim Gabel “G-IN Fitness & Lifestyle GmbH”. The business name is derived from the names of the two people. The office is in Stuttgart and has been the place where Inscope21 has been shooting its videos for about 2 years. His Twitch live streams have also recently taken place there.

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G-IN Fitness & Lifestyle GmbH - LogoTo this day, very little is actually known about the company. It is safe to assume that all income from Inscope and Tim Gabel will flow into the company. This includes all influencer earnings (Youtube, Twitch, etc.), as well as earnings from the Fitness program “Team G” by Tim Fork. In addition, there are sales through their own Fashion line “OLA KALA”the opening of a ZEC+ stores in Stuttgart, as well as numerous other projects that keep them out of the public eye.

Furthermore, the fitness program “Boss Transformation” by rapper Kollegah is handled by “G-IN Fitness & Lifestyle GmbH”.

Inscope21 / Nicolas Lazaridis
Inscope21 (© Image source: Instagram / @inscopenico)

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