Islamabad hosts Afghanistan trade seminar, Imran calls for stronger ties

Islamabad hosts Afghanistan trade seminar, Imran calls for stronger ties

The prime minister is confident that Pakistan and Afghanistan can forge even stronger ties

A two-day seminar, titled Pakistan-Afghanistan Trade and Investment Forum 2020, began in Islamabad to explore opportunities for greater trade ties between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The event is being attended by a 17 member Afghan Parliamentary delegation led by Speaker of Wolsey Jirga Mr Rahmani. The delegation was invited by the Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Qaiser.

Imran for stronger ties with Afghanistan

Prime Minister Imran Khan was present at the inauguration of the seminar. In his address, he addressed a number of matters of importance including peace in Afghanistan. He also said that there was every chance that India will try to use Afghan soil to attack Pakistan.

“What history has shown us is that foreign interference has never been successful in Afghanistan; the people need to make their own decisions,” he said. “Pakistan will work with the Afghanistan government and will keep the relationship strong.”

Khan also reaffirmed Pakistan’s resolve to bring peace to the western neighbor.

“No country other than Pakistan is making utmost efforts to restore peace in Afghanistan for the sake of its own future,” he said. “Pakistan’s government, armed forces and intelligence agencies are positively contributing to help end violence and restore peace in Afghanistan,” he said.

He also said that Pakistan will build stronger relations will the Afghan people and ensure that India is unable to use the soil of Afghanistan for its nefarious designs against Pakistan. He also said that he does not see better relations with India on account of the latter’s stubbornness.

“So there is a fear in Pakistan that India will use Afghanistan to destabilise the country. But we have decided that we will back the wishes of the people of Afghanistan because the future of this region lies in the relationship and cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

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