Jan Böhmermann Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1.5 million
Age: 41
Born: 02/23/1981
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: journalist and presenter
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

The all-rounder Jan Böhmermann is not only known as a German satirist, but also as a presenter on television, radio and podcasts. He is also an author, journalist, film producer and musician. His career got off to a rocky start, but his talent and courage made him well-known and successful.

early life

Jan Böhmermann was born in Bremen in 1981 in the district of Gröpelingen. He grew up in Bremen’s Vegesack district. Jan Böhmermann likes to keep his private life private and hardly ever expresses himself seriously about it. Therefore, not much is known about his previous life. His father was a police officer and died of leukemia when Jan Böhmermann was 17 years old. His mother emigrated to Germany in the 1970s. Jan Böhmermann gained his first experience as a journalist in 1997 at Die Norddeutsche, which is a local edition of the Bremer Tageszeitung AG.


He started as a radio presenter and reporter at Radio Bremen in 1999 and stayed with the station for a long time. He continued his radio career with 1 Live and WDR. Here he worked as a moderator and comedian. His level of awareness rose above all through the column “Lukas’ diary”, in which he wrote about Lukas Podolski, who was a professional soccer player for 1. FC Köln at the time. In 2007, Jan Böhmermann found his way onto television with the comedy show “echt Böhmermann”. Two years later his first book entitled “Everything, everything about Germany – half knowledge compact” was published and achieved commercial success. In 2009, Böhmermann found his permanent place in Harald Schmidt’s ensemble on ARD. Until 2011, Böhmermann moderated the satirical show “The big Jan Böhmermann radio show” every month on the radio station 1 Live. Probably his most famous television show is the night show “Neo Magazin”, which was broadcast on ZDFneo from 2013 to 2019. In addition to well-known guests, especially from German politics and the media industry, Böhmermann also satirically dealt with current political topics in “Neo Magazin”.

Career highlights

Böhmermann received his first German television prize in 2009 in the category “Best Comedy” for the show TV-Helden on RTL. In 2013 he was nominated for the Grimme Prize in the “Entertainment” category for his show “Roche & Böhmermann”. He finally received the Grimme Prize in 2014 for “Neo Magazin” in the “Entertainment” category. In the same year he was awarded Journalist of the Year in the category “Entertainment/Culture”. More Grimme awards followed in the years that followed, mostly in the entertainment category. He has also received other prizes such as the “Golden Camera Digital Award” in 2017 or the “Romy” prize in 2018. Jan Böhmermann received his last Grimme Prize in 2019 for the show “Let yourself be monitored! The PRISM IS A DANCER Show” from ZDFneo. Jan Böhmermann has been working closely with the singer-songwriter Olli Schulz for years. Since 2013, the two have presented the radio show “Sanft & Carefully”, which was first heard on Radio Eins and then on five other radio stations. As a follow-up to the show “Sanft & Carefully”, Schulz and Böhmermann have been moderating the podcast “Fest & Fluffy” together since 2016.

Famous quotes

  • “My Dalai Lama-esque private amiability is the reason for my occasional professional belligerence. Privately very nice, professionally not, better than the other way around.”
  • “I just have a hard time doing things that I don’t find useful. For example as [Radio]Moderator having to like a song that I don’t like. “

Amazing Facts

Jan Böhmermann had to overcome a number of hurdles at the beginning of his career. He was rejected by three drama schools and broke off his studies in history, sociology, theatre, film and television at the University of Cologne. Nevertheless, he successfully made his way from journalist to TV presenter.

Estimated value: €1.5 million