Jason Statham Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €160 million
Age: 54
Born: 07/26/1967
Country of origin: Great Britain
Source of Wealth: actor
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Jason Statham is a British actor best known for his action-packed roles. In addition, the famous name also hides a successful competitive athlete who was a member of the British national team for 12 years as a high diver before his film career. Jason Statham is also known for his relationship with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a British top model, with whom he has been in a relationship since 2010 and with whom he has had a son since 2017.

early life

Jason Statham was born on July 26, 1967 in Derbyshire, a county in the East Midlands of England. His father was a lounge singer while his mother worked as a dancer. He grew up in Norfolk and initially played football enthusiastically during his school days. During his childhood and adolescence, he probably never dreamed of a later film career, because initially his passion for high diving grew in him. With hard work he made it into the British national team and took part in the World Diving Championships from 1988 to 1992. As a result, he even made it to 12th place in the world rankings. However, since he did not earn a lot of money with competitive sports, he first modeled for the French Connection fashion label – with his well-trained body he had all the prerequisites for this engagement. In addition, however, he had to make ends meet as a street vendor selling counterfeit perfume or cheap jewelry. His modeling job with the French Connection eventually paved the way for his successful acting career.


After making small appearances in music videos in the mid-1990s – for example in the clip ‘Run to the Sun’ by Erasure in 1994 – he landed his first major film role thanks to his contact with the French Connection. In 1998, the fashion label financed a film project by Guy Ritchie, who was starting his career as a film producer at the time and who made Jason Statham’s screen debut possible with the role of ‘Bacon’ in ‘Jack, Queen, King, grAS’. Jason Statham even got the lead role in Guy Ritchie’s next film ‘Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds’ (2000). His international breakthrough came two years later, however, with the leading role of Frank Martin in ‘The Transporter’, an action-packed thriller. In addition to the two sequels in the series, released in 2005 and 2008, Jason Statham went on to land other significant roles in action films, cementing his reputation as an action hero in the film world. In 2003 he starred alongside Charlize Theron and Mark Wahlberg in ‘The Italian Job’, embodied the leading role in the two ‘Crank’ films (2006 and 2009) and was an important part of ‘Expendables’ (2010, 2012 and 2014). Other notable films he has starred in include ‘Mean Machine’ (2001), ‘The Pink Panther’ (2006), ‘In the Name of the King’ (2008), ‘The Mechanic’ (2011), ‘ Killer Elite’ (2011) and ‘Fast & Furious’ 6, 7 and (2013, 2015 and 2017).

Career highlights

Jason Statham’s career highlights are undoubtedly his successes with ‘The Transporter’ series as well as his starring roles in ‘The Expendables’ films alongside other action heroes such as Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis. But he was also able to convince as an actor with the portrayal of Chev Chelios in ‘Crank 1 & 2’ and in other films without the support of famous colleagues. So far, however, Jason Stathom has had to wait for the award of important awards in the film world – but he has been nominated for smaller awards such as the Critics Choice Award, the Shorty Award or the Teen Choice Award.

Famous quotes

  • “Happiness is the greatest form of success.”
  • “I don’t trust words, I trust actions.”
  • “I would feel bad if I sat comfortably in a chair as the lead actor while a stuntman did all the uncomfortable scenes for me. I wouldn’t want credit for something like that because I couldn’t take responsibility for it.”

Amazing Facts

Jason Statham is one of the few actors who does his own stunts. Even if this is not to be expected from his roles, he failed the driver’s license test several times in his youth. Jason Statham also owns several of his ‘Fat Statham Burger’ chain restaurants in London, as well as the Shirebrook Angels football team. He has also launched his own brand of vodka, ‘Pure Wonderstatham’, which is complemented by his own perfume line ‘Von Jason mit Liebe’ and his own fashion brand ‘Seduction by Jason Statham’.

Estimated value: €160 million