Knossi (Jens Knossalla)

Jens Knossalla Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

How much money does Knossi have?

Considering all available sources, that is estimated net worth of Knossi (civil Jens Knossalla) Estimated 200,000 dollars (Was standing: ). We estimate his annual income at around 100 thousand dollars. We couldn’t exactly determine how high his gambling expenses are.

Knossalla has until today no specific information on his finances therefore consider these values ​​as pure speculation. Below you will find detailed information about his poker winnings.

How does Knossi earn his money?

Knossi appears mostly on the Twitch and Youtube platforms, which suggests that he earns most of his money through advertising revenue and through donations and recurring Twitch subscriptions respectively. In addition to this income, he also receives money from paid partnerships, merchandise and possibly other businesses that he keeps out of the public eye.

All current sources of income at a glance:

Jens Knossalla’s official website lists “Whow”, “Warner Music Group” and “Yunico” as partners and sponsors, among others. In addition, the gaming chair manufacturer “Gamechanger” has launched a limited “The Real Knossi” edition in cooperation with Knossalla. (You can find more information about the model here)

How much does he earn from Youtube?

If you look at the Socialblade statistics of his YouTube channel “TheRealKnossi”, it received an estimated 6,907,000 video views in the last 30 days (as of 12/25/2019 – 2:24 p.m.). Since we do not know any exact CPM (Cost per Mille) key figures, we can only roughly estimate the YouTube advertising revenue:

With 6.9 million hits, Knossi could generate advertising revenue between 7,000 dollars to 35,000 dollars generate per month. Depending on how high the advertising friendliness and ad blocker rate is, these values ​​can also be higher or lower. (More information can be found in the article: “How much do you make on Youtube?”)

The channel currently has 617,000 subscribers and the sum of all videos results in a number of 63,000,000 video views. In the best case scenario, Knossi could have already achieved sales of more than 300,000 dollars with YouTube.

How much does he earn with “”?

Anyone who has ever googled for “Knossi” is certainly on his website caught on. This is a cooperation with “” (an initiative by, who provide Knossi fans with a platform on which to completely free of charge and without real money stakes can experience gambling or casino games.

We suspect this is more about giving fans a risk-free option than risking fans being lured into actual gambling by Knossalla. The site is most likely funded by advertising. However, we cannot exactly determine how much money Knossalla receives for this platform.

Previous winnings from poker

In July 2013, Jens Knossalla took part in the No Limit Hold’em “World Series of Poker” (in German: Poker World Championship) part. It took place right at the Rio All-Suite Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas instead of. Knossalla managed to finish 240th out of 6352 participants in the Main Event. According to his official WSOP player profile, he received one for it Total prize money of $37,019what converted 33,317 dollars is equivalent to.

He is also said to have been, or still be, active in online poker. According to, his total Tournament earnings to approximately $6,835 (converted 6,151 dollars).

Total prize money $49,755
World Series of Poker prize money $37,019
Online Poker Winnings $6,835

Jens Knossalla Net Worth in [year] Career & Relationship Profile Picture

Jens Knossalla Net Worth in [year] Career & Relationship Profile Picture

Jens Knossalla Net Worth in [year] Career & Relationship Profile Picture

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