Jörg Pilawa Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €10 million
Age: 56
Born: 09/07/1965
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: moderator
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Jörg Pilawa is known as an ARD all-rounder. His numerous quiz shows, with which he always hits the nerve of the audience, are particularly popular and popular. Although there have always been difficult times in Pilawa’s life, the presenter always finds new ways to succeed and entertain his viewers.

early life

Jörg Michael Pilawa was born in Hamburg in autumn 1965. His mother comes from Saxony, he was raised as a Catholic and still feels a part of this faith today. Pilawa’s father passed away after battling a brain tumor, which was a difficult time for the whole family. According to his own statements, the moderator has been a hypochondriac since this event.

After graduating from high school, Pilawa began studying medicine. After two years, he dropped out due to failing an exam and instead traveled to Israel, where he spent a year on a kibbutz. Eventually he began studying history in his home country, which he broke off again. According to his own memories, Pilawa was a person who liked to talk and entertain other people even during his student days.

In 1987, Pilawa finally began to turn this passion into a profession. The young man took a job at Radio Schleswig-Holstein and worked there as a moderator. In 1994 he switched to television, presenting first on Pro 7 and later on Sat1. Shows such as “2 versus 2”, the Bundesliga magazine “ran” and Pilawa’s first quiz show were produced here.


In 2001, Jörg Pilawa began working for his current employer, ARD. After the cultural show “Herzblatt” he quickly developed more serious and demanding programs. These include “The Quiz with Jörg Pilawa”, which ran for nine years, or the six-year moderation of the “NDR Talkshow”. More and more often Pilawa took over full-length shows.

In 2010, Pilawa switched to ZDF, where, among other things, he hosted the new quiz show “Save the Million!” moderated. Pilawa stayed at this spot for three years, the later remake of “Save the Million!” without him was a flop. It was only at the beginning of 2014 that ARD managed to get the moderator back and Pilawa started the program “Quizduell”, which has been extremely successful to this day.

He has continued to moderate the ARD New Year’s Eve show every year since 2016 and the program “I know everything!” since 2018. There were also many other quiz shows over the years, such as “PISA – The Country Test”, “How old are you really?” as well as various quizzes on specific topics such as Christmas, history or fairy tales. From 2006 to 2009 Jörg Pilawa moderated “Ask the Mouse”.

Career highlights

Pilawa’s numerous rate programs such as “Das Quiz mit Jörg Pilawa”, which ran between 2001 and 2010 in the early evening program, are particularly popular. The show regularly attracted around five million viewers and was even nominated for the German TV Award in 2002. He was even allowed to moderate that in 2006 – as well as the preliminary decision for the Eurovision Song Contest a few years earlier.

Another successful quiz show for Jörg Pilawa is “Quizduell”, which he has moderated since 2014. “Quizduell” scored with its modern concept and attracted up to three million viewers as well as an offshoot. The advice show “I know everything!” that has been broadcast since 2018 It hasn’t been running very long yet, but it has already reached four million viewers and is also being shown in other countries.

The “NDR Talkshow”, which he moderated between 2001 and 2007, also went well for Pilawa. First he worked here with Alida Gundlach and Julia Westlake, since 2019 he has taken over the show again together with Bettina Tietjen. The “NDR Talkshow” is the second oldest German talk show that is still actively running in the program. Jörg Pilawa received the journalist prize and the Golden Camera for his work.

Famous quotes

– From the age of 50 you only do things that you feel like doing.
– Intelligence means to conceal one’s own stupidity.
– When it comes to classic general knowledge, many students look old.
– I would be happy if, as a producer, I could succeed in establishing new faces on television.
– A quiz moderator has to like people.

Amazing Facts

– Jörg Pilawa has already had guest appearances in well-known German series such as “Tatort” or “Großstadtrevier”.
– Pilawa is committed to social issues such as Welthungerhilfe, Aktion Mensch, the German food banks or the German Rheumatism League. The latter is probably due to the illness of his youngest daughter.
– He owns a production company called “Mr. P.” and was co-owner of a men’s fashion shop in Hamburg for nine years.
– Pilawa owns its own island in Canada.
– Jörg Pilawa is married, has three children with his wife and another son from his first marriage.

Estimated value: €10 million