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Kathrin Bösch: You were “just good friends” for a while, then you reappeared – and now? Paul Janke (37) and Kathrin Bösch (37) get married – and Paul unexpectedly becomes a stepfather.

“It looks as if Paul and Kathrin’s management is trying to rehabilitate their relationship in order to present the ‘Bachelor’ as a permanent single in public,” said Kathrin’s surviving husband, real estate magnate Wilfried Bösch (50), in a recent An interview with “Bunte”.

In fact, the “good friendship” between the two seems to encompass much more: Paul, Kathrin and their two daughters stroll as a family through the streets of Mallorca, home of the bachelor’s degree, as “closer” photos show.

What happened? Paul met the mother of two at a party in 2016.

A year later they married. Meanwhile, Kathrin separated from her husband and began a relationship with Paul that lasted about a year.

When asked about his love life in a recent RTL interview, he replied: “There was a woman I had a long relationship with.” I would say that I adore this lady.

Kathrin Bösch wealth
Kathrin Bösch wealth

With this statement, the broadcaster Kathrin Bösch burst into tears. “I would say that Paul is the second most important person in my life after my children.

I had completely forgotten about it, and then this declaration of love appeared.

I come to tears; it was a very moving moment.

Apparently so much that Kathrin Bösch’s termination had to be reconsidered.

It was revealed on Tuesday: Paul Janke (37) and Kathrin Bösch (37) have been together for over three years!

After her TV appearance in 2018 on Sat.1 in the format “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich – the exchange experiment” at the side of her husband Wilfried Bösch (50), nobody suspected that Kathrin Bösch had already given the key to her heart to someone other than her Husband! Both proudly posed with their two daughters Saphira (12) and Alexa (6) in front of their villa in Schüttorf, Osnabrück.

Porsche, horses and a villa: The Bösch family of four from Münsterland has everything. To show their children that money isn’t everything, the millionaires swapped their opulent jet-set lifestyle for the down-to-earth simplicity of the Immetsberger family of six in the show “Suddenly Poor, Suddenly Rich”.

While the Böschs are used to indulgence, the Kaiserslautern Immetsbergers eke out every penny. However, for a week it was the other way around, which caused some difficulties.

While Kathrin Bösch struggled at the zoo without small wishes like sushi or currywurst, Daniela Immetsberger had one big concern: that her children would break something in the expensive swap house.

Even though the four Immetsberger offspring quickly felt comfortable and liked to hack the piano during the exchange week, nothing broke. The Bösch family encountered further challenges in adapting.

On her very first night in her new house, she violated the experiment’s guidelines by staying in the hotel instead of the exchange apartment! Mother Bösch described the sofa as “worse than my biggest nightmares”. She feels uncomfortable in the face of disorganized furniture and living walls.

Father Wilfried Bösch also sees room for improvement. He attaches great importance to improving the hose connection between the washing machine and the sink. Ultimately, the initiative fails because the weekly funding of 197.50 dollars goes to other expenses such as steak dinners and carousel rides.

Kathrin Bösch wealth

When Kathrin Bösch, 38, and her then millionaire husband Wilfried Bösch, 52, and their children were traded in the TV show “Suddenly poor, suddenly rich”, they became known as “The New Geissens”. Kathrin Bösch is a model and influencer. There was also a rumor that Ur-Bachelor Paul Janke was in a relationship with someone else.

The stalker only came closer in September last year. Kathrin, who lives with her two daughters on the island of Mallorca, was afraid. One night, during dinner, the man texted her and asked, “Does it taste good?” Then he was right next to her, keeping an eye on her. Kathrin: “That was the first time I was really scared.”

But that’s not all! He even lingered outside her apartment, and worse, “He even tried to get into the house posing as a delivery man.” There was a risk that someone would die.

After Paul Janke broke up with Kathrin, she knew she had to do something. The influencer decided to go to the police immediately and report someone who had never been reported before. People in Heidelberg say it’s a 29-year-old woman. There are two babies in the house so hopefully the mom’s nightmare is over.