Kevin Costner net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €230 million
Age: 66
Born: 11/05/1955
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: actor
Last updated: 2021

Brief introduction of the person

Kevin Michael Costner was born on January 18, 1955 in Lynwood (California) as the son of a German electronics engineer and a social worker with Irish roots. His great interest was in various sports, especially during his school days. It wasn’t until he was a young adult that Costner decided to take acting classes, more on a whim. From then on, acting initially remained a big hobby during his business studies, which he successfully completed a few years later.


A chance meeting between British actor Richard Burton and Kevin Costner heralded the first steps in his career. In an interview, Burton convinced young Costner that he should focus on acting if he wanted to be successful. Costner made his film debut shortly thereafter in the soft sex film Sizzle Beach, USA. After filming, Costner quickly lost interest in acting and turned to other areas of interest.

For the next ten years, Costner only acted in a few smaller flicks before appearing in his first major roles. In 1985, the budding world star got his first big role alongside Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood in the western “The Outlaws” and became known to a world audience as the cocky gunslinger Jake.

Kevin Costner made his final breakthrough towards the end of the 80s in “The Untouchables” as Al Capone’s antagonist Eliot Ness. Great actors, such as Sean Connery or Robert De Niro, provided additional attention, from which Costner also benefited and was able to successfully gain a foothold in the dream factory.

Career highlights

Kevin Costner stars in the 1990s thriller No Way Out directed by Roger Donalson. Costner also starred in the tragic comedy Field of Dreams. The film later earned three Oscar nominations.

However, Costner landed the big hit as a leading actor, producer and director with the western love drama “Dances With Wolves”. Really inspired by his successes, the new superstar took a high financial risk, since at that time no filmmakers showed any interest in the consistently ambitious project. On October 19, 1990, the world’s most successful film was released that year. The following year, Dances With Wolves received seven Oscars. In 1991, Costner starred in Robin Hood, alongside Alan Rickman, Morgan Freeman and Sean Connery. Here, too, the new star in the Hollywood sky was able to fully convince the critics. The film grossed millions of dollars at the box office and also charted high as one of the highest grossing films of the year.

Away from the film business, the father of seven devotes himself to his second great passion: music. Together with his wife Christine Baumgartner, a fashion designer from Germany, Costner founded the band “Kevin Costner & Modern West” in 2008. The country band has since released two albums.

Famous quotes

Over the years, Kevin Costner has always remained true to himself, both privately and as a successful actor, and in this context made some interesting statements in interviews:

“For me, a film doesn’t necessarily have to have a happy ending. It just has to have an ending that you can understand.”
“The thought of not risking something scares me to death.”

“Of course my wife is important to me. But friends are more important. I would sooner give up my wife than my friends.”

“The problem with movie stars is the same as with the royals. They are not judged on the quality of their ideas, but on their status.”

Estimated value: €230 million