Kevin Prince Boateng net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €10 million
Age: 35
Born: 03/06/1987
Country of origin: Berlin
Source of Wealth: football pro
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Prince Boateng is a German-Ghanaian professional footballer and half brother of Jerome Boateng. In the course of his ongoing career he has already played for numerous clubs in Germany, England, Italy and Spain. In addition to his remarkable sporting career, Boateng also made headlines off the pitch, which is why he was long associated with the image of the “scandal professional”.

early life

Kevin Prince Boateng grew up as part of a blended family in Berlin. In addition to his two brothers, he also has a little sister, who, however, did not become famous in the field of sports, but as a singer. The brothers, however, have always been a tight-knit group and addicted to football. Since they all had great talent and trained every day, at least the two younger ones, Jerome and Kevin Prince, finally succeeded in realizing their dream. They became internationally successful professionals. Like Jerome, Kevin Prince began his career at Hertha in Berlin. After his first steps in professional football, however, he soon made headlines with off-field antics and left the capital.


Kevin Prince Boateng’s career can certainly be described as spectacular and varied. Successes were usually followed by setbacks and Boateng did not stay with any of the numerous clubs for too long. Nevertheless, he can look back on a whole series of titles and successes. His time at AC Milan in Italy in particular can be viewed positively. A championship title and the title in the national Supercup paint a clear picture. In addition to his career at club level, Boateng was also active in various national teams. At first he went through almost all youth teams of the DFB, before he decided to play in the senior national team for Ghana. This decision was initially described as incomprehensible by the public and the press. However, Boateng did not see a realistic chance of getting assignments in the German team. However, since he was keen to take part in a World Cup, the Ghana team seemed like the ideal opportunity to make this dream come true. And he was right: he managed to take part in the World Cup twice with Ghana. The first time in 2010 and then again in 2014. The participation was also relatively successful. Especially in 2010, when the team reached the quarterfinals with a great line.

highlights of his career

2006: Fritz Walter Gold Medal
2008: English League Cup with Tottenham Hotspur
2010: World Cup Quarterfinals
2011: Italian Championship and Supercup with AC Milan
2018: DFB Cup with Eintracht Frankfurt
2019: Spanish championship with FC Barcelona

Quotes by Kevin Prince Boateng

“Honestly? Recognition is my drug!”

“I know – without wanting to sound arrogant – that I could have played at Real Madrid. But I didn’t work enough for that.”

“I’ve gotten to a point where I’m happy with myself and my career.”

“People from Berlin are like chameleons, they adapt to any environment!”

“I learned that I cannot run away from life. And that it is necessary to face the problems.”

It shows that Boateng has learned from his eventful past and has now come to rest. He questions what has happened and draws lessons for the future from it. You can fall, but you always have to get up more than once.
Since his youth in modest circumstances, Boateng has been used to giving everything for his success and the recognition that is so important to him. Despite a few mistakes and setbacks, he managed to have an impressive, international career with many titles.

Amazing Facts

Boateng is responsible for the fact that the then captain of the German national team, Michael Ballack, was unable to take part in the 2010 World Cup. A foul in the English Cup thwarted Ballack’s plans and was a hit with the press in Germany.

When things weren’t going well for him during his time at Tottenham Hotspur, he ordered three brand new luxury cars within just one week. However, he himself says today that this was not a real solution to his situation.

Off the field, Boateng is very active against racism. For years he has been very active in educating people about this topic. Unfortunately, during his career, he himself became a victim of racist actions several times.

After his career, Boateng would like to start another career as a musician. He has already released his own song today, which has received international attention. Through music he hopes to reach many people and do good.

Estimated value: €10 million