Kiddle – a safe search engine for kids unveiled

Kiddle – a safe search engine for kids unveiled

A new search engine – Kiddle – aims to be like a Google Search for children, with results filtered to bring up ‘safe’ sites and sites written in simple language.

Kiddle uses Google colours but instead of the traditional white background has adopted an outer space theme, fit with a friendly robot.

Kiddle is a family friendly search engine enhanced by Google safe search, so you know you get quality results without any explicit content. Kids may find it difficult to change the default safety settings in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Kiddle does this job for you and blocks all explicit content by default, so you don’t need to change any settings. In fact it is NOT possible to turn off the safe-search filter on Kiddle, so you know you and your friends are safe searching here.

According to the company, when a child keys a query into the search bar, this tool will yield a few links related to the subject. The first three results that will show up are safe pages and sites that are specifically catered to children. These are chosen and checked by Kiddle editors.

Kiddle – New Search Engine for Children is not owned by Google

Many internet users appear to have mistaken Kiddle for an official Google spin-off but the engine has no association with the tech giant. The new website appears to have caused some confusion and concerns among users. A number of news outlets have reported the search engine site is an official Google spin-off looking to cater to young internet users. Parents have also welcomed the creation of the search engine under the impression this is ‘Google for kids’.

But the website has no association with Google – and does not claim to.

This search engine is headed up by Vladislav Golunov, the founder of

It uses a Google Custom Search bar embedded within the website in a bid to filter out adult material.

Parents have also welcomed the creation of the search engine:

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