Klaus My assets in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €68 million
Age: 74
Born: 05/25/1948
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2020

Short introduction

Klaus Meine is a trained decorator, but has opted for a career as a singer. He is known as a singer with the “Scorpions”. He is also involved in writing the lyrics.

early life

Klaus Meine was born on May 25, 1948 in Hanover, Germany. He attended elementary school in Langenhagen and then completed an apprenticeship as a decorator. He had his first points of contact as a singer through two Hanoverian bands called “Mushrooms” and “Copernicus”.


After Klaus Meine had sung in the Hanoverian bands, he joined the band “Scorpions” together with Rudolf Schenker in 1969 and formed the head of this band with Rudolf Schenker. He wrote and composed the band’s most successful song in 1990, which is called “Wind of Change”. In 1991, this song was number 11 in the European charts. In the same year, this song was also the most successful single in the world. According to Klaus Meine, this success of the song would not have been possible without the great Moscow Music Peace Festival in 1989, where the Scorpions sang the song in front of 100,000 people in the stadium under the Olympic flame. Mainly Klaus Meine is responsible for the lyrics of the band.

He wrote the lyrics to the song “You’re The One” for singer Bonny Tyler. This song appeared on Bonny Tyler’s 1995 album Free Spirit. A year later, the Scorpions released the same song called “Are You The One?”. Klaus Meine has been married to his wife Gaby since 1977. They have a son together and live in Bissendorf in der Wedemark.

Career highlights

– 1989: Performance at the big Moscow Music Peace Festival in Moscow in front of 100,000 people in the stadium under the Olympic flame.

– 1990: composition of the song “Wind of Change”

– 1991: Klaus Meine with Rudolf Schenker with the songs “Bo Diddley” and “Faith No” at the Third International Rock Awards in London in the Wembley Arena.

– 2008: Guest singer at the 25th anniversary of Doro Pesch at the ISS Dome in Düsseldorf.

– 2011: Performance with Paul Anka and Andrey Makarevich on the occasion of Mikhail Gorbachev’s 80th birthday at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

– 2014: Guest singer at the central ceremony on the Day of German Unity in Hanover. There he sang “Wind of Change” with a girls’ choir.

Famous quotes

“Where I can ground myself from all the rock ‘n’ roll madness between private jets and bodyguards”

“Hanover is just a cool city”

“The philosophy of friendship has definitely paid off, because after all the highs and lows we’re still sticking together and we haven’t lost the passion for what we’re doing. In the Seventies, there were few changes, then we had this line-up with Herman [Rarebell] and Francis [Buchholz] for almost twenty years.”

“When we started, there were KRAFTWERK and TANGERINE DREAM, and both bands also became very very strong internationally but in a different area, in a different field. They were doing, like, experimental kind of music, and KRAFTWERK were amazing, while we played just traditional rock.”

“We’re from Germany but we grew up with English and American music which was such a strong inspiration for the young band. Very early on, in the Seventies, we went to England and France, to Japan and America, we toured and then became an international band. I think our music was never German, it’s always had this Anglo-American influence – we never tried to be a German band! We are Germans, yes, but not in our music. When we grew up, there was schlager music, this pop music kind of thing.”

“We did the ‘unplugged’ project, “Acoustica”, in Portugal. There was always something new and exciting. In between all these records and projects we’re still touring all over the world: last year, with this latest album, “Unbreakable”, we went back to Japan and played in Scandinavia again; before we come to Tel Aviv, we play in Paris, at “Olympia”; we go back to Russia, we play Kazan, the only show this year with an orchestra; so there’s a lot of things. And that, I think, keeps us going, and the fact that after all these years we have a chance to come and play in Israel is very very exciting and emotional, and it also feels like a new chapter.”

“just forward”

Amazing Facts

– Before Klaus Meine started his career as a singer and songwriter, he worked as a delivery driver.

– He is a founding member of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. This takes care of mentally and physically handicapped children as well as adults and is also committed to UNICEF.

– Klaus Meine has been the patron of the Lower Saxony Cancer Foundation since 2012.

– In October 2019, a species of giant crab spider was discovered and named in honor of Klaus Meine. She received the scientific name “Extraordinarius klausmeinei”.

Estimated value: €68 million