Konny Reimann Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 66
Born: 09/10/1955
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur, TV Personality
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Konny Reimann is an entrepreneur and a television personality. He became famous through a television appearance in an RTL documentary format and is probably the best-known emigrant in Germany.

early life

Konny Reimann was born on September 10, 1955. He spent his childhood with his mother and stepfather in the port city of Hamburg. Konny began training as a ship engine builder and technical draftsman. He then started two years of service in the German armed forces and earned his first money. After this service he took a job as a refrigeration technician.

Over the years, Conny bought a property in Hamburg-Schenefeld and met his wife Manuela. During a holiday together in America, the two discovered their love for this country. After Manuela won a green card, the family decided to start a new life in Texas. Before that, they married in Las Vegas in 2003.


Konny and Manual emigrated with their children to Gainesville, Texas. A camera team from RTL accompanied the family during the move. The Reimanns lived in a caravan for the first few days. When they bought a house and found jobs, the RTL camera team left again. This television report was the springboard for Konny Reimann’s career. Due to his relaxed nature, the audience quickly became aware of Konny. The television report about the Reimann family was very well received. The viewers wanted to know how Konny and his family went on. In 2006 they became an integral part of “Goodbye Germany! The emigrants”. The VOX station followed the Reimanns as they built their new life in Texas. The income from the VOX TV format forms the basis for Konny Reimann’s Net Worth.

Career highlights

Konny implemented several projects over time. He bought a lake property on Moss Lake. He gradually built a kind of holiday resort on his own initiative. He built a house with a lighthouse, 3 guest houses and opened a harbor pub on the property. “Konny Island” was created. The Reimanns were now so popular with German audiences that they got their own show. “The Reimanns – an Extraordinary Life” was also a success and hit with ratings. Konny Reimann had managed to build up his own Net Worth within 10 years. From this he fulfilled his next dream and in 2015 bought a plot of land on the edge of a forest reserve in Pupukea. Konny moved to Hawaii with his family and founded “Konny Island III” there. The house that was on the property at that time was renovated and rebuilt by the Reimanns. They are currently renting out a small guest apartment in an outbuilding and are thus generating a decent amount of additional assets. The move and life in Hawaii will continue to be broadcast on German television. In addition, Konny earns money in various TV formats, gives lectures and is also the face of advertising for well-known products. He published an autobiography, a comic and published a barbecue bible. The Reimanns sold Konny Island, Texas, in December 2016.

Famous quotes

“Moin moin, you Spack” is probably Konny Reimann’s most famous quote. But he can also be serious, especially when it comes to emigration. Through various quotes, he emphasized the importance of asserting oneself as an emigrant and not complaining. In an interview with the daily newspaper “Die Welt” he said: “It has to come from the heart, from yourself. The real art is not to look back. If you manage to really break everything behind you, then everything is open to you. But a lot of people can’t make this cut.”

He also motivates people with quotes such as: “I am a craftsman. Through me, other normal craftsmen see that you can create something.” that everyone can be successful in life.

tips for success

In order to be successful abroad, Konny gives emigrants some tips for success. He advises everyone not to emigrate because of economic or financial problems. Escape should never be the reason for emigration. It is best if emigrants plan a financial cushion. They should be able to live on this cushion for a good while. In addition to the financial aspects, the desire for rapid integration should be a matter of course. In order to learn the language as quickly as possible, one should not be afraid to take part in social life. The best thing, of course, is to learn the language beforehand. Especially in the early days, you have to be willing to do without a lot. In order to secure the financial basis, one should not make high job demands and ideally take care of a job beforehand. Anyone who wants to emigrate also needs a strong will. Konny emphasizes that even in the event of setbacks, it is important to stay on the ball and keep investing in new projects. If a project doesn’t work, the next one should be started immediately.

Estimated value: €2 million