Kool Sava Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €5.5 million
Age: 47
Born: 02/10/1975
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Rapper, Entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Savas Yuderi, better known by his stage name Kool Savas, is one of the most successful rappers in Germany and one of the veterans of the German rap scene. His solo albums, as well as the collaboration projects, were very successful commercially. Savas is considered a co-founder of German hip hop.

early life

Kool Savas was born in Aachen in February 1975. His father is from Turkey, his mother is German. When Savas was one year old, the family moved back to Turkey, where he grew up until he was eleven. The father, who was politically active, was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in Turkey, and his mother then fled back to Germany. They moved to Berlin Kreuzberg, his father followed after his release from prison. Savas was also politically active in his youth and took part in a number of demos against neo-Nazis and the deportation of immigrants.

In his youth, Savas Yuderi first began rapping in English under the pseudonym “Jurk”. Savas attended hip hop workshops in the ’90s. There he caught the attention of rapper Fumanschu, who supported him from then on. After visiting the US together, Savas decided to change his stage name to “Kool Savas” and continue rapping in German.

Together with Fumanschu and Justus Jonas he founded the group MOR, which stands for “Masters of Rap”. Kool Savas also collaborated with the rapper Taktlos and performed as a duo “Westberlin Maskulin”. In 1999, Kool Savas released his first solo single, “LMS/Schwule Rapper”. This was produced and released under the label “Put Da Needle To Da Records”. The second single “King of Rap” was released in 2000 and attracted more attention.

In the next year the rap combo MOR released the album “NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming” as well as the album “Haus & Boot” with the singer Valezka. The latter provided Kool Savas’ first chart success.

After this success, Savas separated from his label. In 2002, Savas switched to Sony BMG and founded the sub-label “Optik Records”. This is also where the successful collaboration with producer Mel Beatz and DJ Nicon began. His most well-known protégé, Eko Fresh, was also signed under this label.

A year later, however, Eko Fresh left the label and his mentor and produced his own tracks with the singer Valezka. The separation of the two rappers was shown in the media with the disstracks “Die Reckoning” and “Das Judgment”, a showpiece of a German disstrack.

2002 was a successful year for Savas despite, or perhaps because of, the dispute with Eko Fresh. The album “The Best Day of My Life” entered the German album charts at number 6.

In 2004 Savas was able to place the album “The best days are numbered” again in the charts.

Optic Records developed into one of the most successful hip hop labels in Germany. With the albums “Die John Bello Story” and “John Bello Story II”, two successful crew albums were released by the rapper who is under contract with Optic Records. Kool Savas’ solo album, Dead or Alive, was also released in 2007. In 2009 the label Optic Records was closed.

In the years that followed, things continued to improve for Kool Savas. He founded the label “Essah Entertainment”. The third solo album “Aura”, which was released in 2011, was able to conquer the charts at number 1 for the first time. The collaboration with Xavier Naidoo in 2012 resulted in the album Split Personality and is Kool Savas’ most successful album to date. The fourth solo album “Märtyrer” again reached number 1. In 2017 “Royal Bunker” was a successful album. It is the result of working with Sido.

His most recent album “KKS” debuted at number 1. The album, which is consistently oriented towards lyrics, proves once again how important Kool Savas is to the choice of beats. Its strengths lie in combining sophisticated rhyming chains with chart-ready catchy hooks.

Career highlights

He received gold records for the albums: “The best day of my life”, “Aura” and “Split personality”.

And the gold record for the single: “Don’t look back”.

1 on the charts with the album Split Personality, Aura, Martyr and KKS.

In 2003 he won the VIVA Comet in the Hip Hop National category.

He was the first musician in Germany to receive the TRL Golden Tape award from MTV.

Regular awards are given by the German hip-hop magazine

Famous quotes

“Do I really have to prove anything to you?”

“I noticed that there are only limits in the skull, so I went this way…”

“The meaning of life is to give your life meaning.”

Amazing Facts

His first name Savas means “war” in Turkish. So his stage name Kool Savas can be freely translated as “Cold War”.

Kool Savas has been selling its own hookah tobacco brand “Essah German Tobacco” since 2017.

Kool Savas is involved in many social projects. Among other things, with PETA, the CanNObis campaign against drugs, especially cannabis, and with the project “My neighborhood, my idea”, in which young people deal with the topic of bullying and racism. He supports the Viva con Aqua campaign and the Visions for children association.

Kool Savas is a vegetarian.

Estimated value: €5.5 million