Lewis Hamilton net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €250 million
Age: 37
Born: 01/07/1985
Country of origin: Great Britain (UK)
Source of Wealth: Formula 1 racer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver who has been active in Formula 1 since the 2007 season and has already won six world championships there. This makes him the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1 after the legendary Michael Schumacher. Today, however, in addition to his active career, he is also active as a testimonial for numerous international brands and as an Instagrammer with over 13 million followers.

early life

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton was born on January 7th, 1985 in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England. He was born with a love of speed as he was named after legendary track and field athlete Carl Lewis.

However, it became apparent early on that Lewis Hamilton felt that he belonged to another sport. The racing. After a few initial successes in karting, the then only thirteen-year-old was accepted into McLaren’s junior program in 1998. In the years that followed, Hamilton won almost every competition he competed in. For example, in 2005 the Formula 3 Euro Series and just one year later the GP2 Series, which is rightly regarded as a precursor to Formula 1. So it was only a logical consequence that Hamilton was finally appointed to the premier class of racing for the season and received one of the very coveted cockpits in Formula 1 at McLaren.


Lewis Hamilton’s career can already be described as unique today, even while he was still playing. Now with six! After Michael Schumacher, he is the most successful driver of all time.

At first nobody could have guessed that his successes would take on such proportions. However, it became apparent early on what great potential Hamilton was able to achieve in the premier class, with great competition. In his debut season in 2007 he immediately achieved the title of Vice World Champion and just one year later he crowned his achievement with the World Championship title and became the youngest world champion of all time.

After that, however, the time at McLaren became increasingly difficult. Not least because of his own demands on himself and the team that had supported him for years and made his career possible in the first place.

Finally, the cooperation with McLaren ended in 2013 with the switch to the competing Mercedes racing team. For his new team Hamilton got five more in the following years! more world titles.

Career highlights

2008: Winning the first world championship in Formula 1
December 31, 2008: Awarded the Order of Merit “Member of the British Empire” by Queen Elizabeth II
2014: Winning the second world championship in Formula 1, after years of inferior teams
2019: World title number six makes him the most successful driver after Michael Schumacher

Famous quotes

“You can knock me down, but I get up twice as strong.”
“You can throw me down but I’ll come back twice as strong.”
“I like taking risks. I like trying new things, whether it be style or restaurants or whatever.”
“I like to take risks. I like trying new things, whether it’s looks, restaurants, whatever.”

The quotes illustrate the inner views and attitudes that make up Hamilton. He stands by what he does and does it with full conviction. Be it in private with his very extroverted lifestyle or in his career, which he follows meticulously and works hard on. Setbacks, such as the unsuccessful years after his first Formula 1 title, do not allow him to give up. Instead, he finds new motivation in it to work even harder and return to success.

Amazing Facts

In addition to his career as a professional racing driver, Lewis Hamilton is also a passionate motorcyclist.

He owns various models from different manufacturers. With the MV Agusta brand, he was even allowed to launch his own special model on the open market. Between the seasons in Formula 1, Hamilton has also been allowed to test racing motorcycles from the Moto GP, which is why rumors about a possible switch to this racing series now and then circulate.

Hamilton has another passion besides motorcycles. The music. Thanks to numerous international artists in his circle of friends, he also has the opportunity to further develop his skills as a rapper at any time. Maybe we can look forward to an album soon?

For several years, Hamilton has also turned to a conscious lifestyle and vegan nutrition. He himself says that this is the only way he has the energy and strength he needs every day to be able to cope with the daily training, even at a somewhat advanced age. He is considered one of the great figureheads of the vegan scene, as he shows that unique successes, a body that is trained down to the last detail and an alert mind are not only compatible with a vegan diet, but may even be achievable in the first place.

Estimated value: €250 million