Loredana Zefi net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1 million
Age: 26
Born: 09/01/1995
Country of origin: Switzerland
Source of Wealth: Rapper, influencer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Loredana Zefi is a Swiss-born, German-speaking Kosovar-Albanian who has gained notoriety through YouTube and Instagram. Under her first name Loredana she is very successful as a rapper in German-speaking countries. She has one daughter and was married to Kosovar rapper Mozzik. She has 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

early life

Born in 1995, Loredana Zefi, known by her first name Loredana, was born in Lucerne, a canton in Switzerland. She grew up as a child in Emmenbrücke. Her parents are Albanians from Kosovo. According to internet sources, she has nine siblings. Until her 18th birthday in 2014, she was not allowed to use social media such as Facebook or Instagram because her older brothers forbade her to do so.

However, when she came of age she asserted herself and started a very successful Instagram account. Her boyfriend at the time, and later husband, the rapper Mozzik, supported her project. She first became known through a lip-sync video for the track “Habibi” by a French rapper. She pushed her growing acquaintance by posting different outfits and established herself as a fashion and lifestyle girl on Instagram. She was able to quickly increase her number of followers to over 100,000 users.

The pretty Kosovar took advantage of the upswing and started her own YouTube channel. There she released her first music video, which was produced by Miksu and Macloud. The title “Sunglasses”, more of a trap song than a rap song, hit the ravages of time and was clicked millions of times in just a few days. It currently has 54 million views and is still one of her most viewed videos on her channel.


The single “Bonnie & Clyde” followed in September 2018 together with her then partner Mozzik. It achieved top 3 placements in German-speaking countries and was thus able to build on the success of “Sonnenbrille”. To date, “Bonnie & Clyde” has been viewed 49 million times by its fans (as of December 2019). Working with her then husband was very fruitful for the newcomer. She was able to reach a large fan base and soon more singles by the rapper couple followed.

This was followed in December of the same year by the song “Milliondollarsmile”, which was also not without success on YouTube. While her music career really starts to pick up speed, she gives birth to their daughter with Mozzik.
Career-wise, things seem to be going well for the two at first. The joint single Romeo & Juliet is their most successful video on Loredana’s YouTube channel. With 62 million views, she can celebrate a great success.

Loredana can refer to well-known supporters such as Fahrid Bang, Schwesta Ewa and Visa Vie, who have publicly supported her career from the start.

Her debut album will be released in early 2019 and is called King Lori. The single “Kein Plan” brought her first place in the German charts. The video has been viewed 53 million times (as of December 2019). At the end of 2019, Loredana announced the professional and private separation from the Albanian rapper Mozzik.

She wants to go alone on the planned Bonnie & Clyde tour next year (2020) and the tour is to be renamed the King Lori Tour. It remains to be seen whether the tour will take place as planned without any disruptions.

Loredana can fall back on income from advertising contracts and placements. Her followers consist mainly of Germans, Swiss, Russians and Albanians. In Albania and Kosovo, opinions about her person differ greatly. Her casual and deliberately provocative demeanor in the male-dominated world of rap does not meet with everyone’s approval.

Another source of income besides advertising revenue is, of course, their music channel on YouTube. With 1.17 million subscribers, she can draw on a handsome monthly income.

The well-known streaming providers should also regularly transfer nice sums to the successful young woman. In addition, there is the income from the album sales, so that their estimated income for 2019 is around 500,000 euros.

Career highlights

With her Instagram account, Loredana Zefi reaches a follower community of 2.4 million users. This offers her an immense sphere of influence.

Her YouTube channel is also very successful with 1.17 million subscribers. The most popular videos to date have been “Sunglasses” (54 million views), “Romeo & Juliet” (62 million views), and “No Plan” (53 million views).

With the single “Kein Plan” she was able to reach number 1 in the German charts.

Famous quotes

“Everyone makes an eye, but I’ve earned it.”

“I think I was born to win
Digga, look, I’ll take my money out so easily, I built it up myself
It’s moving forward, I’m free as the wind” (from sunglasses)

Amazing Facts

Loredana Zefi was briefly arrested in Switzerland in spring 2019. She was accused, along with her brother, of fraud. She is said to have cheated an older couple out of around 600,000 Swiss francs and appeared as the daughter of the lawyer Valentin Landmann. The ad has since been dropped. Loredana explained in a press conference that the money had been transferred to her voluntarily and was also only borrowed. However, the public prosecutor in Switzerland had their accounts blocked in the summer of 2019.

Estimated value: €1 million