Luciano Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1 million
Age: 28
Born: 01/28/1994
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: rapper
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Luciano, whose real name is Patrick Großmann, is a German rapper with Mozambique roots on his father’s side and German ancestors on his mother’s side. He assigns himself to the musical group Loco Squad Gang, to which he often professes in his tracks. The rapper is now an integral part of the local rap landscape. Musical collaborations have already come about with rap colleagues such as Capital Bra (“Cherry Lady”), Sido (“Bilder im Kopf”) or Summer Cem (“Tamam Tamam”) etc.

early life

Luciano was born in Bautzen, which is near Berlin. This is where the musician, who is under contract with the rap label Universal Urban, lives. Not much is known about Patrick’s background prior to his music career. According to his own statements, Luciano came into contact with rap music early on and developed a great interest in this genre. One of his musical role models was 50 Cent, whose poster he had hanging in his room, as he says himself. He also dedicates the line to this in his track “Ballin”: “G-Unit model grew to 50”. This homage suggests the formative influence on Luciano’s career. Here he also refers to the parallel between 50 Cent’s criminal path and his previous lives. In addition, being a rapper was his way out of a supposed hopelessness at a young age, not knowing how to shape his own life constructively. In addition, he experienced initial skepticism about his ambitions to gain a foothold in the music industry due to his close family environment.


As a boy with no prospects, Luciano remembered his passion and doggedly refined his musical career. The first milestone followed with his single “Jagen die Mio”, which introduced him to a larger audience. He released the song on his own YouTube channel. As a result, he released his debut album “Eiskalt” exactly one year later in November 2017 on the rap label Universal Urban, which entered the music charts at number 4 in the first week. The second album “LOCO” exactly one year later, in November 2018 and the long player “Millies” in the following year, he was also able to place 4th in the official music charts. The up-and-coming artist is now a popular live act. According to his own statement, he earns EUR 20,000 per performance here, which is a realistic figure compared to the fees of his rap colleagues. He receives these sums at festivals or larger music events.

Career highlights

Luciano can rely on broad acceptance from his audience. It polarizes less, which can be seen in the general positive response. This becomes clear when looking at the reviews of his videos from Youtube. The rapper can also book commercial success in Austria and Switzerland. His album “LOCO”, released in 2018, has already reached platinum status. The artist also received a gold disc in Switzerland for his work “Millies”. Streaming numbers are important these days. Here the rapper convinces with almost 700 million streams. If you consider the fact that a stream costs 0.038 ct, then the income from this popular streaming provider alone amounts to a double-digit million EUR turnover. Furthermore, the artist’s high-click videos reach several million views on average.

Famous quotes

Luciano uses the term “loco” in many of his tracks. This is a reference to his musical group “Loco Squad Gang”. Incidentally, the name of his YouTube channel is Locosquad, which is not surprising given the connection to the rap crew. He also uses the central concept of his texts, for example, to describe himself as “Loco”.

Amazing Facts

The past of the rapper Luciano is marked by a criminal energy. Therefore, it does not seem surprising that he engaged in many acts of robbery during his youth. Because of these events, one of his mixtapes was called “Banditorinho”, with the first component “Bandito” referring to this period of his life as a thief (bandit = thief). This naming sets a circle to one of his central musical role models Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent.

Estimated value: €1 million