Macron elected youngest French president ever

Macron elected youngest French president ever

39-years old Emmanuel Macron snatched weighty lead of 65% to 35% over opponent Le Pen

Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron has become youngest ever President after beating Marine Le Pen in French presidential election.

A 39-years old Emmanuel Macron former investment banker, who was unknown in National politics just three years back, got a significant lead of 65% to 35% in the second round run-off against Front National’s right-wing leader Marine Le Pen.

The newly elected Macron’s campaign in complete France presidential election was on promises to reform France’s heavily regulated economy and fight a tide of nationalism sweeping the European Union.

Emmanuel Macron in his victory speech said that, ‘we have immense task ahead and will require commitment of all of France’.

He raised the tender topic of terrorism in the country and promised the nation that “France will be on the front line in the fight against terrorism.”

When he finally spoke, Macron tried to reach out to those who supported his opponent, promising to heal France’s divisions.

He acknowledged divisions in society had driven people to “vote to the extreme” but said “a new page” of France’s history was beginning.

Despite her loss, Le Pen’s score marked a historical high point for the French right. In a defiant concession speech, Le Pen said she was leader of “the biggest opposition force” in France and vowed to radically overhaul her party.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has released a statement saying she “warmly congratulates” Macron on his electoral success.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said: “I would like to congratulate Emmanuel Macron on his election as France’s new President. This is not just a victory for France, but a victory for Britain and the liberal values we hold dear.”

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister, tweeted: “Vive La France. Congratulations to new President, Emmanuel Macron on his decisive victory over the hard right.”

His next challenge, as a President without a conventional party, will be to build a party-for-government after the French parliamentary elections in June.

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