Malik Riaz Net Worth, Current Age & Personal Life in [year] Profile Picture

Malik Riaz Net Worth, Current Age & Personal Life in 2023

Ever wondered about Malik Riaz Net Worth, Current Age & Personal Life in 2023?

Malik Riaz is a Pakistani Business Tycoon, The Founder Of Bahria Town, The Largest Privately Held Real Estate Development Company In Pakistan And In Asia. He is well-known in Pakistan because of being a Business Tycoon, The Founder Of Bahria Town, The Largest Privately Held Real Estate Development Company In Pakistan And In Asia. Let us take a quick glance at his professional life then we will check his net worth.

Name Malik Riaz
Nationality Pakistani
Profession Business Tycoon, The Founder Of Bahria Town, The Largest Privately Held Real Estate Development Company In Pakistan And In Asia
Gender Male
Married Yes
Birth Year 1954

Born on February 08, 1954 in Pakistan, He isn’t famous only because of being a Business Tycoon, The Founder Of Bahria Town, The Largest Privately Held Real Estate Development Company In Pakistan And In Asia but also because, Asia’s largest real estate builder has gained international fame for his philanthropic attributes and humanitarian concerns.

Let us Take a Quick Glance at his Net Worth in 2023

Malik Riaz Net Worth 2023 in Dollars & Pakistani Rupees

At the age of 68, Malik Riaz Net Worth in 2023 is 1500.0M. Following is the approximation of his net worth over multiple years.

  • Net Worth in 2023: $1500000000
  • Net Worth in 2021: $1200000000
  • Net Worth in 2020: $960000000
  • Net Worth in 2019: $768000000

Please note that all these values are in Dollars, If you want to estimate them in Pakistani Rupees, Simply multiply them by the current dollar rate. His Zodiac Star Sign is Aquarius which makes him a unique Business Tycoon, The Founder Of Bahria Town, The Largest Privately Held Real Estate Development Company In Pakistan And In Asia among his other fellows.

Personal Life of Malik Riaz Pakistani Business Tycoon, The Founder Of Bahria Town, The Largest Privately Held Real Estate Development Company In Pakistan And In Asia

The very first thing to mention about his personal life is his Wife, Beena Riaz. Both are married and have 5 kids. As Malik Riaz current age is around 68, Do you expect that he will be having further kids?

A person who has carved a niche for himself in the field of corporate social responsibility is Malik Riaz. His hard work and religious steadfastness have helped him set up unprecedented standards in the sector. Today, his company has created direct and indirect employment for more than twenty thousand workers.

Self-recognition is the first step to success

Self-recognition is the first step to success, as Malik Riaz says. Malik Riaz started his career in real estate in the 1990s and now owns several properties in Bahria town Karachi. He has a good public relations, a strong network with influential people, and connections with government institutions. Moreover, he can attract foreign Pakistanis to invest in Malik Riaz Bahria Town.

After finishing his studies, he joined the real estate business. At first, he worked for his father, Ali Riaz Malik, who also worked in the sales department of Bahria town. His father helped him gain firsthand experience. Later, he became the project manager for the sales department of Bahria Town.

In 2007, he was promoted to be the CEO of the Bahria Town Group. Today, he lives in Bahria Town Karachi, where he has a personal assistant who takes care of his business matters. In addition, Beena Riaz, Malik Riaz’s business partner, is very supportive of his activities. She also helps Malik Riaz when things are tough. Besides, she is also very active in charitable work. It is a very good example of how a working woman can maintain her status while remaining away from the limelight.

Malik Riaz is a very successful multi-billionaire. He has been able to amass a lot of wealth through his hard work. However, he has faced many hardships in his beginning. But, he has managed to overcome them and continue his success. If you want to know more about Malik Riaz, visit his official website. Aside from that, you can also check out his social media accounts. Lastly, his personal email address is also posted on the internet.

Hardwork and religious steadiness led him to the places he is today

Malik Riaz was born on February 8, 1954 in Sialkot. He is currently the CEO of Bahria town. This company is one of the largest employers of private sector workers in Pakistan. In 2016, Bahria Realty employed about 60,000 people. It developed a number of large scale projects in Pakistan. Most notable is its Karachi flagship project, which is the biggest private housing development in the world. Other notable projects include Murree and the Karachi 2 projects.

For a while, Malik Riaz was a small time contractor, but eventually got the big contracts that he is today. His company developed gated communities throughout the country. The best part is that his company is a success and has won the hearts of many. Although the company has been subject to some controversy, it is clear that the company is on the upswing. A look at the company’s website shows that the company has a long list of successful projects in various cities in Pakistan.

The company also has a number of charitable initiatives in place. Beena Riaz, the real life partner of Malik Riaz, has helped her husband in their endeavours. She manages a number of the company’s projects and works in the charitable realm. As a result, she is a stellar example of what hard work and religious stability can do. Her efforts have led her to be a successful businesswoman, a loving wife and a devoted mother.

Created direct and indirect employment for more than 21,000 workers

Malik Riaz Hussain is a Pakistani businessman who has a number of things going for him. He is known to be a philanthropist and has been involved in many social welfare projects. His company, Bahria Town, is one of the biggest employers in the country and he has built gated communities and other infrastructure for the growing population. In addition, he has developed a plethora of other projects. These include projects in Murree, Karachi, and Lahore. Some of the notable projects include a free health clinic, a waterpark, and a free education program.

Although his company’s name is not a household name, Malik Riaz has certainly made an impact in the country. From a business perspective, he started in the real estate industry in the early nineties. He later got contracts from the military and the government and developed a variety of projects under the burgeoning Bahria Town brand. As a result, the group grew to be one of the largest private sector employers in the country, with a combined total of more than 45,000 square acres of developed property.

One of his more innovative projects is the Fund For The Pakistani Common Man, which aims to help the less fortunate in the country. It is estimated that 60 million people are below the poverty line in the country. By providing free education and basic training centers, he is hoping to alleviate the financial burden that the poor have to bear.

Set up unprecedented standards in corporate social responsibility

The name of this man is Malik Riaz Hussain. This is not your run of the mill middle class Pakistani. He was born on February 8, 1954 in Sialkot, and has been a self-proclaimed bachelor most of his life. His accomplishments include a stellar academic record, a sterling reputation in the business world, and the good graces of a number of high profile celebrities. Besides being the brains behind a plethora of charitable endeavors, he is a man of the people, and a genuine pleasure to be around.

In the grand scheme of things, Malik has taken the helm of the Pakistani economy, and has a proven track record in philanthropy. His latest feat of arms was the creation of the country’s first mutual fund which is designed to provide microfinance loans to the underserved. Using a combination of its own money and the hard earned cash of the public, the fund is set to do a lot of its own heavy lifting.

Lives in Bahria Town Karachi

If you are looking for a great investment opportunity in Karachi, you can consider buying a plot at Bahria town. This is a great project that offers you all the comforts and luxury at one place. The location of this project is also very good. It is situated near Islamabad Expressway.

Bahria Town Karachi is a private residential community that was started in the year 2015. There are many reasons why you should consider living in this community. One of the biggest is its security. Various security guards are employed to ensure safety of its residents. Moreover, security cameras are installed in various locations of the community.

Apart from security, the facilities at Bahria town are very attractive. For instance, it has sports complexes, parks, shopping malls, and schools. In addition, it has a sewerage system, garbage disposal, and uninterrupted electricity. These are some of the most important amenities that make this place a great home.

Malik Riaz, the CEO of the Bahria Town group, has worked hard to develop the community. He has made it the largest privately owned real estate development company in Asia. His company employs more than 60000 people.

He has helped a lot of people by contributing to hospitals and education. At the same time, he also supports the lower middle class. Besides, he believes that a healthy mind breeds a healthy body.

Currently, Malik Riaz is working on the development of a cricket stadium that will be the largest in the world. Additionally, he is planning to construct the biggest mosque in Pakistan.

Malik Riaz Hussain is a very dynamic and enthusiastic person who works for the improvement of the country. You can contact him via his official email address.