Marc Gebauer net worth in 2024 Age, Career, Life & Relationship

Estimated value: €1.5 million
Age: 33
Born: 08/13/1988
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

short introduction

The successful influencer and Youtuber Marc Gebauer is known to the public primarily for his always chic clothes, his big smile and for the promotionally effective presentation of high-quality luxury items such as watches. Gebauer, who was born in Aachen, will be 33 this year and can now look back on a varied and equally turbulent CV. The social media professional owes his success to the successful marketing and presentation of luxury watches and bags and other high-priced accessories.

early life

Marc Gebauer was born in Aachen (North Rhine-Westphalia) in 1988. He was enthusiastic about new technologies and market trends early on, so that after successfully passing his technical college diploma he decided to train as an information technology assistant. After completing these with good grades, he enrolled to study media communication and journalism. Here Gebauer learned the craft for an effective appearance in public and how to deal with different social media platforms. He quickly recognized that these networks have great potential for the successful and equally efficient marketing of products of all kinds.

Through his studies and the knowledge he gained there, Marc Gebauer laid the foundation for his further successful steps up the career ladder. Instead of earning his living and studying through classic student jobs, Gebauer was hired as a co-moderator in the online gaming industry. In addition, today’s Youtuber was a talented “Counter Strike” player, which could increase his earnings a bit. A drastic change took place after successfully completing his studies: Marc Gebauer decided to take a job at a men’s outfitter for upscale fashion.


During his employment at the renowned men’s outfitter in Düsseldorf, Marc Gebauer was very interested in (luxury) watches in his private life. For this reason he often visited the Cologne Watch Center in his free time. In 2016, Gebauer successfully applied for an open position at the watch retailer and switched industries. Due to the fact that the Cologne Watch Center does not officially work with watch manufacturers from all over the world (grey market traders), Gebauer came into contact with many different models and in an almost infinite number of variations. He was able to deepen his sales talent by buying and selling watches. At the same time, Gebauer dealt with the expansion of the Düsseldorf branch. In particular, the comprehensive and professional advice, in addition to the increase in the service concept, was an elementary component for the impressively successful work of the entire team in the Cologne Watch Center. At the beginning of 2020, Marc Gebauer Cologne Watch turned his back and started his own business. After just twelve months, Gebauer had more than 171,000 subscribers to his channel on YouTube. The watch professional now has more than 85,000 followers on the Twitch streaming platform. Gebauer has now published 720 posts on Instagram and has gained 231,000 subscribers for himself, his lifestyle and his products.

Career highlights

Thanks to the continued close cooperation with the Cologne Watch Center, the Youtuber was able to secure strong support for building his independence. In addition, the native of Aachen looked for collaborations with some well-known stars of the music scene as well as Youtubers and influencers with a wide reach. On his private YouTube channel and on the Cologne Watch Center channel, Gebauer has already talked to Tim Gabel and Inscope21 about watches on a number of occasions. The target group-oriented presentation of impressive watch models from the luxury segment led to a real hype in the entire industry over time.

From the music scene, Farid Bang, Sido and Pietro Lombardi sometimes wear Gebauer watches. In addition to the production of YouTube and Instagram posts, what is probably the most popular watch retailer in Germany has launched its own online shop. Those who are interested can buy bags, perfumes, coffee and watches from the luxury segment there. In the future, too, it can be expected that the social media star and watch retailer will tackle further milestones in order to increase its reach.

Information about possessions

Little is known about Marc Gebauer’s possessions and assets in the form of money and property. What is certain, however, is that he owns a watch collection of around ten high-quality and equally unique models, which he almost never publicly displays on his wrist for reasons of security. It is also certain that Gebauer received his first watch, a Rolex “Submariner”, from his father.

It is also considered certain that Gebauer owns a Patek Phillippe Nautilus with the serial reference number 3710. In addition to an Omega Speedmaster, he is said to have a Royal Oak Audemars Piguet (reference 15202) in his collection. Nothing is known about other exclusive watch models from the Gebauer collection. It is to be hoped that one day he will respond to the requests of his followers and fans and publish a video contribution about his collection.

Famous quotes

In an interview, Marc Gebauer explained that he is “always” happy about younger customers because they would fulfill their dream of a luxury watch. He went on to explain that this is a unique moment that lasts “a lifetime”. In addition, Gebauer is of the opinion that the luxury models are a suitable form of investment.

Amazing Facts

– Marc Gebauer’s favorite brand of suits are models by Orazio Luciano. The suits are handcrafted in Naples and always have a body-hugging cut. The prices of the fashionable compositions are in the very high segment.

– Marc Gebauer is a Muslim. He himself is convinced that this faith has helped him to discover the meaning of his life and to always focus on positive development. It is assumed that Gebauer learned more about this religion from colleagues at the Cologne Watch Center during Friday prayers.

– Marc Gebauer completely abstains from the consumption of alcohol in his life and never wears gold jewelery in his private life.

– The successful watch retailer and Youtuber is married to Victoria. She works for a well-known fashion house and has Russian roots. She can often be seen in the videos next to her husband and always impresses with her polite and elegant appearance.

Estimated value: €1.5 million