Marcel Remus net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €10 million
Age: 35
Born: 10/03/1986
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Real estate agent, entrepreneur, speaker, author
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Marcel Remus is probably one of the best-known German-speaking brokers ever. Because he has been working in the real estate industry for a good ten years now and has been very successful. Marcel Remus first appeared in public in the program “rent, buy, live” on the private broadcaster VOX. Marcel Remus was a regular visitor here for several years and, in addition to the impressive properties, always presented himself and his personal brand a little. As a result, he opened up an even larger group of customers and also other, lucrative sources of income. Today, Marcel Remus is no longer only active as a broker, but also as a speaker and author, among other things. We will now explain exactly how he was able to get this far at a young age and what things you can learn from him.

early life

Marcel Remus was born in the city of Hamm and then grew up in Bergkamen-Rünthe and later near Nuremberg. He also attended high school there and spent a year in the USA on a student exchange. It quickly turned out that Marcel Remus has a talent for languages ​​and so, back in Germany, he completed an apprenticeship as a foreign language correspondent for English and Spanish. Since he finally emigrated to Mallorca with his parents in 2006, he was able to use the Spanish language directly and joined the Apassionata show as a dressage rider for about a year, during which time he completed a distance learning course in international business and marketing. Then the step into the real estate industry should already take place. First as an employed broker, then from 2009 with his own company, the “Marcel Remus Real Estate”.


Marcel Remus was extremely motivated right from the start and worked hard on the dream of becoming Mallorca’s most successful real estate agent. But he also recognized early on that the competition on the highly competitive island is not just about ability, but that you also have to draw attention to yourself in order not to go under.

Marcel Remus therefore used the knowledge he had acquired in marketing and went his own way, which ultimately led him to his current success.

Among other things, he was the first broker to publish his own lifestyle magazine and later even to found his own fashion label. His goal behind it was to reach a corresponding clientele with spectacular things and to establish his company and ultimately himself in the absolute premium segment. In some cases, real estate that he just had for sale was also included in his magazine. In this way, the best sides of the property could be presented in an excellent manner and he placed an inconspicuous and very high-quality advertisement that only reached the appropriate clientele.

Another part of the marketing is the “Remus Lifestyle Night”, which has been taking place since 2014, an elite event with top-class guests and spectacular productions, which year after year also draws the attention of the international press to him and his company. In addition to his real estate business, the magazine and the fashion label, Marcel Remus also owns his own interiors collection, which he sells very successfully on the shopping channel HSE24. He is also the author of a guide to business success and a welcome speaker at various events related to business, marketing and motivation.

Through hard work and sometimes unconventional ways and means, Marcel Remus has created a considerable empire, which he would like to continue to expand.

Career highlights

2006: Emigration to Mallorca
2007: Entry into the real estate industry
2009: Foundation of his company, the “Marcel Remus Real Estate”
2009: Founding of the magazine “MR-Lifestyle”
2009-2014: Participation in the VOX program “rent, buy, live”
2014: the first “Remus Lifestyle Night” takes place
2019: Sale of his interior collection on HSE24

Famous quotes

“The harder you work, the happier you will be.”

“I call the customer within a few moments to give him feedback. Even if it’s already 9:30 p.m. I want to be fast.”

” But I still find it funny and weird when people come up to me on the street and want to take a picture with me. I’m a completely normal person and broker who just does his job.”

” Today’s younger generation is no longer taught how to write a business plan or how to motivate themselves in order to be successful in the end. The teachers get through the material regardless of the losses and do not really pay attention to the children. You’re promoting them in the wrong areas. In my opinion, you should focus much more on business, success and personal development.”

tips for success

Marcel Remus is a perfect example that you have to work more and harder than everyone else to achieve great success. True to his life motto “everything different from everyone else”, Marcel Remus goes his own way and is still not above any work.

Estimated value: €10 million