Mario Barth Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €25 million
Age: 49
Born: 09/01/1972
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Comedian, presenter, actor, voice actor, author, entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Comedy, acting, moderation or author, there is apparently hardly anything in the creative world that Mario Barth cannot do. As present as he is on stage and on television, little is known about his private life. He keeps his long-term relationship secret and not much else is known about his private life. He is an absolute professional in his field, which has made Mario Barth not just an entertainer but a company.

early life

Mario Barth was born on November 1, 1972 in the Berlin district of Mariendorf. Barth has five siblings and was educated at a Catholic private school in Neuköln. His youth was strongly Catholic, because not only the private school was run by the church, he was also an altar boy as a teenager. Mario Barth has a partner named “Paula” and lives alternately in Düsseldorf and his hometown of Berlin. According to their own statements, the two have been a couple for over 15 years, but his partner shys away from the public and has therefore never appeared publicly with him.

After school, Barth began an apprenticeship as a communications electronics technician at Siemens. During his training, he focused on the field of telecommunications. It is not known whether or how long he practiced this profession, because immediately after his training he began acting training, which he also completed. He was interested in comedy early on, because in addition to his training as an actor, he attended several comedy workshops. There he was also able to make important contacts with well-known personalities in the industry, which also brought him his first short appearances on TV shows.


Mario Barth made his first brief appearances on the TV shows “NightWash” and in the “Quatsch Comedy Club”. Since 2001 he has had his own stage program “Men are pigs, but so are women”. The stage program also marks the beginning of his rise as a comedian. Just two years later, the program was released as a live DVD and immediately made it to third place in the album charts in Germany. Around 2 million DVDs have been sold of his program, earning him ten platinum awards.

Mario Barth not only builds and expands his career as a comedian, but also focuses on different areas. He has already appeared in several films as an actor, such as 2006 in “7 Dwarfs – The Forest Is Not Enough” or 2009 in “Men’s Matter”. He also works as a voice actor for various cartoons such as “Cars” or “Pets”. He is also active in other areas and has written, among other things, two humorous books.

Career highlights

One of the highlights of his career was his first TV show. Rather than just being a part in the form of cameo appearances, the success of his stage program earned him the 2003 show, “No ahnung?”, which had a second season in 2005.

One of the great moments of his career and also a world record was in 2008 when he broke the record for the most visitors to a comedy show. American comedian Chris Rock held this record until 2008. He filled a hall in London with 15,900 visitors.

In 2008, Mario Barth clearly broke this record with 70,000 visitors at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin. However, this did not seem to be enough for the all-rounder, because in 2014 he tried to set a new record. He wanted the world record for the largest audience in 24 hours. He managed this with ease with 116,498 guests. At the same time, he was also able to claim the world record for the largest mobile stage.

However, Mario Barth does not only have a comical side, but is also interested in serious topics, even if they are sometimes prepared in a comedic way. Since 2013 he has been moderating the TV show “Mario Barth reveals!”, which deals with cases of tax evasion. In 2015, Mario Barth received the Bavarian Television Prize for his investigative work.

Famous quotes

One of his most famous sayings is “Nothing rhymes with Uschi”. He also had this saying protected as a word mark in 2010. However, it turned out that the saying had already been coined by radio moderators in the 1990s, which is why the radio station where the moderators worked submitted an application for deletion. However, this request never went through.

Some of his quotes also refer to his stage programs, which often deal with the relationships between men and women. These include quotes such as: “Men are primitive but happy.” or “When my girlfriend buys shoes – I would be happy if she made such noises during sex.”

tips for success

One of his top tips for a successful career is probably to stay true to yourself. He is a professional through and through, which is also confirmed by his employees, some of whom he has been working with for decades. In some cases, however, this professionalism also demands sacrifices, for example if something does not work as it should, then a perfectionist can also become uncomfortable at times. Part of his perfectionism is his environment, which he chooses consciously. He specifically seeks contact with people who fit his way of thinking and his actions.

Estimated value: €25 million