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Marlene Engelhorn Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Marlene Engelhorn Net Worth
Marlene Engelhorn Net Worth

Marlene Engelhorn Net Worth – Marlene Engelhorn, 29, made headlines after saying in an interview that she wants to give away 90 percent of her wealth and is campaigning for a wealth tax. Marlene Engelhorn, Traudl Engelhorn’s granddaughter, Vechiattos is 94 years old.

The German studies student has known for two years that she will inherit a large sum – millions. Traudl Engelhorn-Vechiatto, Marlene Engelhorn’s grandmother, will leave her a legacy. The exact amount is unknown, but according to the Standard, she is set to inherit tens of millions of dollars.

The Traudl Engelhorn-Vechiatto family is worth $4.2 billion, according to Forbes. That’s the equivalent of 3.4 billion euros. Marlene Engelhorn’s grandmother’s late husband was a great-grandson of BASF founder Friedrich Engelhorn.

He was a partner in the Boehringer Mannheim Group. In 1997, the pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche bought the Boehringer-Mannheim group for 11 billion US dollars. This sale is said to have netted Traudl Engelhorn-Vechiatto $2.45 billion.

Marlene Engelhorn would like to donate 90% of her assets as there is no inheritance tax. She’s been thinking about how to get rid of all that money ever since she found out she’s going to inherit millions in the future. At the same time, the fact that she has power at all is unfair.

She complains that wealth is unequally distributed in Austria and that people like her don’t have to work for their wealth. She is a student at the University of Vienna, where she is studying German. She also teaches English, German and French to people of different ages.

Marlene Engelhorn, together with other heirs and wealthy people from the “Millionaires for Humanity” network, is committed to fair wealth distribution. Marlene Engelhorn is a member of the international network “Millionairs for Humanity”.

They want to bring about a system change. Instead of making good aid dependent on the generosity of the rich, they want to impose a 1% tax on the rich to fight the corona crisis, poverty and climate change.

They also want the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to be met. According to her own statement, Marlene Engelhorn wants to donate 90% of her assets. The exact amount of the donation and the amount of the inheritance are not known.

Marlene Engelhorn is not a dizzying heiress. She was surprised to learn that her grandmother intended to leave her a Net Worth in the tens of millions. “I would have liked to be happy, but to be honest, I was very annoyed,” said the Viennese literature student.

Marlene Engelhorn net worth: €4 billion (estimated)

Because Marlene Engelhorn considers it unethical to receive such a large sum of money without doing anything for it. Above all without having to pay taxes: There is no inheritance tax in Austria.

Money is taxed whenever it moves from one hand to the other, “unless those hands are already rich, which is cheeky.” The young Austrian is concerned with the principle: Large inheritances like hers are not private, and the state has to redistribute large parts of these funds.

In her case, Marlene Engelhorn considers an inheritance tax of 90 to 95 percent to be appropriate. It also has to do with democracy. Because the rich and super-rich have far too much power in politics and society. Money and power are so closely intertwined in their homeland that it is “a fire hazard for a democracy”.

Engelhorn also has a view of Germany across the border. She thought it was the wrong way to use her expected inheritance in a meaningful way, for example through a charitable foundation. Big donors like Bill Gates, a multi-billionaire from the United States, would wield far too much power.

Marlene Engelhorn Net Worth

Societies should not rely on the generosity of a few super-rich. Rather, the distribution of wealth in a democracy must be decided democratically. Marlene Engelhorn’s path to these insights took a long time.

Because she grew up in a very wealthy family that was “closed off from everything else” – private kindergarten, private school, a bubble of the rich and privileged who kept to themselves. It wasn’t until college that she got to know and appreciate people from different backgrounds, and she had to figure out if they could afford coffee after class.

Marlene Engelhorn began to think about her own ancestors. And it was like a “catalyst” when she found out about her forthcoming million-dollar inheritance: Marlene Engelhorn has dedicated herself to the fight for more tax justice.

In a preliminary interview, Engelhorn laid down the basic rules for the interview: she would no longer address personal matters. Still, it takes a look at her family to understand why she’s among the super-rich.

Engelhorn’s grandmother is the widow of Peter Engelhorn, who was a partner in the Boehringer Mannheim Group and great-grandson of BASF founder Friedrich Engelhorn. Her grandmother received a large sum of money after the company was sold to the pharmaceutical The chemical company Hoffmann-La Roche for several billion dollars.

Her net worth is estimated at $4.2 billion by Forbes. According to media reports, Marlene Engelhorn is to inherit millions, which she wants to generously distribute to society: “Money is power.” Influence is the source of power.

And when I see others suffering because of my wealth and power, the most logical thing for me to do is to share what I have.” Because of Corona, Engelhorn does not carry out any welcoming rituals. Her top was tucked into her chino style pants.

Again and again she wipes her short hair from her face with a quick hand movement. Tattoos cover the entire left forearm. The meeting will take place in Vienna’s Josef Strauss Park. Not much going on this morning except for a few people exercising.

Marlene Engelhorn Net Worth
Marlene Engelhorn Net Worth