Marvel fan who watched ‘Infinity War’ 44 times got invited to ‘Avengers 4’ Premiere

Marvel fan who watched ‘Infinity War’ 44 times got invited to ‘Avengers 4’ Premiere

Marvel fan gets Avengers 4 premiere invite after watching Infinity War 43 times at the cinema

The Avengers: Infinity War fan who has watched the superhero blockbuster 44 times and counting has been officially invited to the world red carpet premiere ofAvengers 4 next year.

YouTuber Tony “Nem” Mitchell has watched the movie for at least 44th time and every single day since its release.

After the Marvel superfan who became a Twitter trend on for watching Avengers: Infinity War more than 40 times in theaters was officially invited to the premiere of Avengers 4.

Nem, whose Avengers: Infinity War marathon journey was chronicled on Twitter with at least one in-theater viewing each day since the film’s release, got a direct message from directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo.

The men in charge of Avengers: Infinity War and its Avengers 4 follow-up told him he is welcome to join the festivities at the Avengers 4 premiere in 2019.

On top of that, IMAX is giving him 50 free tickets to see the next movie.

Nem had this to say: “Listen, the last 12 hours have been a whirlwind of amazingness. People started to catch on that I was watching this movie a whole bunch of times. A lot of news articles was written about me, I was trending on Twitter for a little bit there, IMAX got word of me and offered 50 free tickets to keep the streak going.”

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