Max Giesinger net worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1.5 million
Age: 33
Born: 10/03/1988
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Max Giesinger was born on October 3rd, 1988 in Waldbronn. He grew up alone with his mother because his parents separated. His professional direction became apparent early on. At the age of 13 he had his first band. He graduated from high school in Karlsbad. After this exam he traveled to Australia and New Zealand as part of the Work & Travel program. There Max Giesinger earned his living as a street musician. After his return to Germany he takes part in casting shows, writes his own songs and sings cover versions of some songs.

early life

Max Giesinger, born on October 3rd, 1988, showed his musical talent early on. Because his parents separated, he grew up alone with his mother from the age of four. Max practiced playing the guitar every day. While other parents had problems getting their children interested in music, Ms. Giesinger found it difficult to separate her son from his beloved instrument. At the age of 13 he already had his first band, which was called “Deadly Punks”. Before high school he was a member of the Bud Spencer Group and Sovereign Point. In one year he was on stage 70 times. This burden did not prevent him from passing his Abitur at the Gymnasium in Karlsbad. After graduating from high school, he was interested in taking part in the Work & Travel program. In this way he ended up in Australia and New Zealand. As a musician on the streets of Sydney, he had to work hard to make a living. Back in Germany, he wanted to study at the Baden-Württemberg Pop Academy in Mannheim. Unfortunately, he failed the entrance exam. The attempt to learn a righteous profession also failed. He broke off his training as a bank clerk because wearing a suit and tie every day did not correspond to his attitude towards life. After these experiences, he devoted himself entirely to his music. In 2011 he took part in the casting show “The Voice of Germany”. Through the calls of the spectators, he got into the semifinals and took fourth place after the final. Here came success with a cover version of the song “Fix you” by Coldplay.


With his success, Max Giesinger’s level of recognition grew and he became a sought-after artist. Disagreements in the cooperation with his label lead to Max Giesinger separating from it. He had to put his first album on the market on his own. For this purpose he started a crowdfunding campaign and thus financed his first album “Learn to Run”. This work became a great success. The second album “Der Junge, der rennt” was released in 2016. This time Max Giesinger received support from the label “BMG” and this cooperation continued to grow. He experienced his real breakthrough to become a sought-after star in 2016. Songs like “wenn sie tanzt” or “80 million” became catchy tunes and Max Giesinger became a welcome guest on many television shows. In 2018 he became a coach for the “Voice Kids” A year later he was appointed a jury member for “The Masked Singer”. In 2018 he released his third album called “The Journey”. It immediately climbed to number 2 in the German hit list, making it probably the most successful work to date. Max Giesinger’s level of awareness also increases through his activities on the Internet. He regularly uploads cover versions and his own songs to the Internet portal “You tube”. These videos are clicked millions of times. In general, he spends a lot of time on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Max Giesinger always announces the latest news about himself on his website.

Career highlights

The breakthrough came with his song “80 million” and after Max Giesinger changed the lyrics a bit for the 2016 European Football Championship, the album reached number 2 in the top ten. In 2016, he was the high-flyer of the year and received the Goldene Henne in the category “Climber of the Year”. Since he is a constant guest on radio and television, honors are not lacking from this side either. He receives the MTV Europe Music Award and the Radio Galaxy Award. For the song “80 million”, as best single, he was awarded the 1 live crown 2016. Success inspires the restless spirit of Max Giesinger. He is a person in need of harmony and wants everyone to feel comfortable around him. In 2017 he therefore played 180 concerts and exhausted himself completely. The following year Max Giesinger released his third album “Die Reise”. It will be a complete success and in 2019 he will receive the audience Bambi.

Famous quotes

With Max Giesinger as a songwriter, his work always results in quotations that he uses in his songs. A quote reads “Because a small step can change everything, something big might start here”. This quote reflects a little his view of life. He is constantly trying to get ahead and explore new things.

Estimated value: €1.5 million