Mian Muhammad Mansha Net Worth, Current Age & Personal Life in [year] Profile Picture

Mian Muhammad Mansha Net Worth, Current Age & Personal Life in 2023

Ever wondered about Mian Muhammad Mansha Net Worth, Current Age & Personal Life in 2023?

Mian Muhammad Mansha is a Pakistani Pakistani Business Magnet. He is well-known in Pakistan because of being a Pakistani Business Magnet. Let us take a quick glance at his professional life then we will check his net worth.

Name Mian Muhammad Mansha
Nationality Pakistani
Profession Pakistani Business Magnet
Gender Male
Married Yes
Birth Year 1941

Born on January 29, 1941 in Pakistan, He isn’t famous only because of being a Pakistani Business Magnet but also because, Mian Muhammad Mansha is a Pakistani business magnate and billionaire. He is the founder and CEO of the Lahore-based international conglomerate Nishat Group. Mansha and some of his immediate family members are among the richest and highest tax-paying individuals in Pakistan..

Let us Take a Quick Glance at his Net Worth in 2023

Mian Muhammad Mansha Net Worth 2023 in Dollars & Pakistani Rupees

At the age of 81, Mian Muhammad Mansha Net Worth in 2023 is 3700.0M. Following is the approximation of his net worth over multiple years.

  • Net Worth in 2023: $3700000000
  • Net Worth in 2021: $2960000000
  • Net Worth in 2020: $2368000000
  • Net Worth in 2019: $1894400000

Please note that all these values are in Dollars, If you want to estimate them in Pakistani Rupees, Simply multiply them by the current dollar rate. His Zodiac Star Sign is Aquarius which makes him a unique Pakistani Business Magnet among his other fellows.

Personal Life of Mian Muhammad Mansha Pakistani Pakistani Business Magnet

The very first thing to mention about his personal life is his Wife, Naz Saigol. Both are married and have 3 kids. As Mian Muhammad Mansha current age is around 81, Do you expect that he will be having further kids?

Mian Muhammad Mansha is a well known Pakistani businessman. He is the founder of the Nishat Group of Companies. His aim is to make Pakistan a global corporate. As a billionaire, he wants to help the country grow economically.

The Nishat Group of Companies is one of the largest groups of companies in South East Asia. They are also considered to be a leading company in Pakistan. Their businesses include cement, textiles, aviation and power. These enterprises have earned them many awards. In 2004, the group was awarded the Sitar-e-Imtiaz by General Pervaiz Musharraf.

Mr Mansha is also a member of the Atlantic Council, the Commonwealth Business Council UK and the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade. Mr Mansha is a committed philanthropist and has made great contributions to hospitals and charitable institutions. Several of his personal donations have been made in support of the Kidney Care Centre in Lahore.

Although he started his career as a textile entrepreneur, Mansha has branched out into different fields. For instance, he owns Pakistan Aviation Limited and Adam G Insurance. Aside from these businesses, he owns a Porsche, a Jaguar convertible and a Mercedes E-Class.

Currently, Mansha is the chairman of the Nishat Group of Companies, which consists of 21 companies. There are 55 thousand employees working under the Nishat Group. This company has won several civil awards. Its highest award was the membership of the Atlantic Council.

Mian Muhammad Mansha is a businessman who has managed to take his family’s cotton mill and turn it into a thriving enterprise. Today, the Nishat Mills is one of the largest textile units in the country.

Mr Mansha has a strong stance on philanthropy and has lent his support to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, the Friends of Pakistan Institute of Cardiology Trust, the National Management Foundation and the Kidney Care Centre. Furthermore, he is on the boards of 45 companies in Pakistan.

According to Forbes, Mansha is the first Pakistani to appear in their Billionaires list. In 2010, the same publication added him to their list of the top 500 richest people in the world.


One of the most powerful and influential Pakistani businessmen is Mian Muhammad Mansha. He is the owner of the Nishat Group, a business conglomerate with interests in textiles, cement, insurance and power plants. The group is the largest private employer in Pakistan. In 2010, Mansha made the Forbes billionaires list.

During the 1990s, a privatization drive enabled Mansha’s conglomerate to greatly expand. His business houses are well-established and have set industry standards in many industries. Now, he plans to roll most of his assets into a single holding company. This will allow him to list these interests on the London Stock Exchange.

Recently, the Federal Board of Revenue has been investigating the activities of Mansha and his sons. A tax official who worked on the investigation said that the two might face criminal prosecution for concealing their accounts. There is also the possibility that Mansha could be held liable for perjury charges.

The FBR has been asking about a secret company called Easy Investments Ltd. It has been a mystery to the country’s financial regulators for a long time. However, Mansha and his family members have claimed that the Singapore-based company has received a loan from the British Crown Dependency of Guernsey.

In addition, he plans to spend billions on infrastructure projects, such as power plants. He is also acquiring a controlling interest in the Adamjee Group, the country’s largest non-life insurer.

Despite his vast wealth, Mansha’s family members are among the highest tax payers in the country. Their net worth is estimated to be $3.8 billion.

Mian Muhammad Mansha is the son of a wealthy Chinioti Punjabi family. After the death of his father, he took over the family group at age 22.

The family is known for their ties to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Mian Mansha owns a 240-acre estate in the same neighborhood where Sharif lives. They have been associated with six offshore companies in the Paradise Leaks.

According to the Forbes billionaires list, Mian Muhammad Mansha has a net worth of $3.7 billion. He is ranked sixth on the list. He is the first Pakistani to make the list.


Listed in Forbes World’s Billionaires list, Pakistan’s ace entrepreneur, Mian Mohammad Mansha, is a well known philanthropist. He has pledged his wealth to support numerous social causes, including women education and poverty alleviation.

Mr Mansha is a member of the Atlantic Council and Chairman of MCB Bank Limited. His conglomerate has interests in several countries, including Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, and UAE. Recently, the MCB has joined hands with Malaysian bank Maybank. This is the first foreign acquisition by a Pakistani bank.

The MCB has also made a number of other investments, including a joint venture with the British banking giant RBS. By mid-October, MCB and RBS are expected to merge. Currently, the two banks hold 20% each of the MCB.

In addition to his business interests, Mr Mansha has taken on a charitable role, donating 23 million rupees to the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund. Also, he has made a personal donation to build a hospital and cath lab, which will cater to the needs of 600 patients daily.

It is estimated that Mian Mansha has a net worth of around four to five billion dollars. He is also known as one of the richest men in Asia, and his company, Nishat Mills, is the largest exporter of textiles in Pakistan.

The Mansha Group also has a presence in Bahrain, Honk Kong, Kazakhstan, and Sri Lanka. Among its many accomplishments, it has also launched a mental health programme that has reached sixteen million people in three years.

The Mansha group has also ventured into other areas, such as automobile leasing. They own a charter plane service in Pakistan called Pakistan Aviators & Aviation Ltd. There are also rumours of other Mansha-related businesses, but these are still a mystery. One of his sons plays a major role in the decision making process.

Despite the economic crisis in his homeland, Mian Muhammad Mansha has been seen as an industry leader and has been awarded numerous accolades. Among them is the Sitara-e-Imtiaz, or Star of Excellence. Not only is he the richest Pakistani, but he is the country’s highest tax payer.

Family life

Mian Muhammad Mansha is a Pakistani billionaire who is ranked as the 937th richest person in the world. His family has a huge business empire in the textile and cement industries. He hopes to expand his businesses into the Middle East and emerging markets. And he wants to be a leading global entrepreneur.

Mansha is the chairman of the Nishat Group, a group of companies with interests in the banking, textile, and cement industries. He is also a member of the board of 45 different companies in Pakistan.

Mansha has a reputation for taking risks. When he was 22 years old, he took over his family’s business, which he later expanded to include several industries. But when the Federal Board of Revenue issued him with a summons for an offshore transaction, Mansha vehemently denied that he was involved in it.

In 2010, the Nishat Group claimed that it borrowed $22 million from an obscure offshore company in the British Virgin Islands. The FBR said the loan was suspicious. But the Mansha family insisted that the company in the British Virgin Islands was in fact a Singapore-based entity. However, the bank records show that it was indeed owned by the Mansha family.

Mansha’s family was part of the Chinioti community, which is renowned for producing many of the wealthiest traders in the subcontinent. According to Mansha, the family moved to Bangladesh in 1930. After 1947, they moved to Punjab. From there, they built a cotton ginning and processing plant. This was eventually turned into a multi-billion-dollar enterprise under the leadership of Mansha.

Mian Mansha is known as the richest businessman in the country. He owns the Nishat Group, a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, as well as a bank and an airline. As a philanthropist, he has donated money to various charity organizations. He has provided personal support to several medical institutions in Pakistan, including the Kidney Care Center and the Friends of the Pakistan Institute of Cardiology.

The Mansha family is a major force in the banking and textile sectors. In the past, Mansha has been a close ally of outgoing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.