Michael Buffer net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €333 million
Age: 77
Born: 11/22/1944
Country of origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Boxer / Actor
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Michael Buffer is considered the world’s most famous announcer of sporting events, primarily boxing matches. Always dressed in a black tuxedo, white shirt and black bow tie, he announces athletes at the events with his distinctive ‘Let’s get ready to rumble!’ on.

early life

Michael Buffer was born on November 2, 1944 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After his parents divorced, he was placed with a foster family at the age of 11 months. His foster father is a bus driver. Buffer enlisted in the military when he was 20. During this time he came into contact with boxing as a soldier. After 3 years of service, he resigns and takes on various jobs. He worked for several years as a car salesman, later as a dressman, including for the Gucci brand.


The impulse for the decision to work as a ring announcer came from Buffer’s son. In 1982, when a father and son watched a televised boxing match with a completely botched announcement, his son decided his father would be much better suited for the job. Buffer then applied to casinos and boxing match organizers in Atlantic City. In 1983 he got his first appearance, which according to his own statements went quite wrong. Nevertheless, he continues to be booked and his career picks up speed over the course of the year.

In 1984, Buffer came up with the slogan that brought him fame and Net Worth. Instead of the boring boxing match announcements, in which everyone involved is mentioned by name in monologues lasting several minutes, he tries to create something that draws attention to the really important people, the athletes. That’s how he got the idea for ‘Let’s get ready to rumble!’. The effect is initially restrained. It’s only when Buffer works on the intonation of the movement, beginning to roll the “R”s and lengthen the “M”s and “B”s, that the movement develops its impact and electrifies the audience.

This electrifying effect is not limited to boxing matches. Buffer is an announcer in many sports, and his distinctive slogan is heard in appearances in hockey, baseball, basketball, American football and wrestling. While his performance fees are initially in the range of 6,000 euros, they quickly level off in the range between 21,000 and 83,000 euros per performance. It is said that he occasionally received a performance fee of 833,000 euros.

In addition, the rights to use his slogan, which is trademarked in the USA, bring him a lot of income. Buffer trademarked the slogan in the US in 1992 and generates part of its income from licensing. In the boxing games Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2, Buffer’s voice announces each bout. The game company is said to have paid Buffer 83 million euros to use his famous line in the “Ready to Rumble” video games. Buffer can also be heard in other computer and video games.

Michael Buffer also increases his wealth and reputation through advertising on TV and radio, for example through his appearance as a testimonial in 2011 for Media-Saturn-Holding in Germany. In various guest roles in movies such as ‘Rocky V’, ‘Rocky Balboa’, ‘Creed’, ‘Zwei vom alten Schlag’, ‘The Fighter’, in an episode of the animated series ‘The Simpsons’ and in the end-time film ‘2012’ he mostly impersonates himself. He also plays the evil Walbridge in the action comedy Don’t Mess with the Zohan and has a cameo appearance in the 2019 reboot of ‘Dumbo’.

Career highlights

Michael Buffer has hosted over 500 major boxing title fights during his career and his ‘Let’s get ready to rumble!’ sounds regularly before important final games and championships of other sports.

In 2012, Michael Buffer will be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Famous quotes

  • “Let’s get ready to rrrrrrrrrumbbbble!”

Amazing Facts

Before Michael Buffer launched his hit slogan ‘Let’s get ready to rumble!’ creates, he tries to establish the slogans ‘Man your battlestations, because we’re going to war’, ‘Batten down the hatches’ and ‘Fasten your seatbelts’. Clearly, none of these slogans would have brought him the prominence and wealth of the unique ‘Let’s get ready to rumble!’.

Estimated value: €333 million