Michael Manousaki Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2.5 million
Age: 54
Born: 08/29/1967
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: entrepreneur, actor
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Michael Manousakis is the operator of the company “Morlock Motors” based in Peterslahr, a small community in Rhineland-Palatinate with almost 300 inhabitants. The public knows him from the show “Steel Buddies”, which has been broadcast by DMAX since 2014. In it, Michael and his employees are accompanied through their everyday life and in their businesses. The company is supplied with discarded items of all kinds by the US Army. The container contents are resold through various channels. Some of the vehicles, spare parts, etc. are stored on the company premises in Peterslahr for years until they find a buyer. Michael also loves airplanes, several of which he owns.

early life

The exact year Michael Manousakis was born is not known to the public. The year of birth is estimated to be in the late 1960s. His place of birth is also not known, the first information is about his school attendance. He graduated from comprehensive school and has not completed professional training to this day. He acquired all his skills in handling vehicles and airplanes himself. When asked about his CV, he says instead that he went on a trip to Greece immediately after passing his driving test. He started this together with a friend, using a Ford Granada as the vehicle. This was already on strike on the outward journey and had to be repaired first. That was the spark that sparked Manousaki’s love of screwdriving. Michael did his military service in Mannheim,


After graduating from school, he worked in various jobs, including as a salvage diver in Nigeria. This was the hardest time in Michael’s life, especially because he contracted malaria at the time. He graduated and returned to Germany, where he founded Morlock Motors in 1994 as a registered businessman. His company has an exclusive contract with the US Army and is supplied with shipments of discarded items at irregular intervals. This includes vehicles as well as laboratory, medical and other building equipment, small items, clothing, spare parts and much more. Before the sale, Michael’s team takes care of the further processing, especially of the vehicles. Michael’s job is to take care of customer contacts and office work. In case of need, he also lends a hand himself, he has always kept his love for screws.

Regarding his private life, the public doesn’t really get to know much. Only those closest to him seem to know whether he is married. His daughter appeared on a Steel Buddies show when she was 14. She was working with her father on a very unusual vehicle that she was to get for her 18th birthday. The girl’s face was not visible in the series or was darkened in various scenes. Another indication that Manousakis separates his private life from public life.

Career highlights

in 2006, Manousakis appeared on the show “The Checker” and was seen there with a punk mobile. Since 2014, the broadcaster DMAX has been accompanying Michael and his team at work and on trips abroad. The series is not only popular in Germany, it is also broadcast in Russia and Japan. The language is synchronized. The company Morlock Motors has its own website and a web shop, which leads through the more than extensive warehouse. The company’s premises are almost unmanageable, and Michael often has to deal with the trade inspectorate. Not everyone is comfortable with the area surrounded by trees and nature.

Famous quotes

The most well-known word Michael Manousakis keeps saying is “age”. This is his term for something amazing, unbelievable or extraordinary, i.e. situation or object. One quote from him is “I’m only really good at yelling or not at all”, probably a reference to the fact that he can be quite loud when he’s angry.

Adventurer Michael Manousakis

In his free time, Michael pursues adventurous hobbies such as mountaineering, sport shooting and diving. With his plane Antonow An-2 he has completed a successful Atlantic crossing, which was also full of adventures. He loves thrills and is always ready to embark on new adventures.

Estimated value: €2.5 million