Michael Patrick Kelly net worth in 2023 Age, Career, Life & Relationship

Estimated value: €2.5 million
Age: 44
Born: 12/05/1977
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Michael Patrick Kelly is an American-Irish composer, singer and musician who was born in Dublin in December 1977. His older siblings were already performing as the Kelly Kids at this time, and by 1978 the entire family was performing as “The Kelly Family” on public streets and squares, earning them some notoriety. All family members wore long hair and long robes or hippie clothing. In total, the family sold more than 20 million records all over the world and became the most successful family of musicians in Europe.

early life

Michael Patrick Kelly was born on December 5, 1977 into an extended family. He was the tenth child for his father Daniel Jerome Kelly, an American. He was the sixth child for his mother, Barbara-Ann Suokko, also an American. Parents were descendants of Irish immigrants who emigrated to the United States at the time of the devastating Irish famine. So it was that Michael Patrick Kelly was eventually born in Dublin, Ireland.

Patrick Kelly, also known as Paddy Kelly, grew up with four half siblings and seven full siblings. Paddy Kelly lost his beloved mother when he was just five years old. This circumstance led the family into a serious crisis. The father, who was now a single parent, could not save the family from poverty. Patrick Kelly traveled the streets of Europe with his family to earn money as a street musician. The family spent a total of twelve years on the streets of Europe and the USA.

Several concerts a day were no exception. Michael Patrick Kelly quickly blossomed into an entertainer on stage. He announced his family’s show acts and introduced the singers. As a boy he quickly learned his first instrument, the penny whistle. It is a typical British instrument with six finger holes. His father mastered the instrument and was able to teach him how to play it.


In 1992 Patrick Kelly composed his first title “An Angel”. In doing so, he laid the foundation for family success. The song landed in the German-language charts and in Germany for a long time in the top ten. Before long, Michael Patrick Kelly became a teen heartthrob.

Upon coming of age, Patrick Kelly was appointed musical director of the family group. Again and again he stood out from the rest of the group with singles. These include “Children of Kosovo”, “Fell in Love with an Alien” and “Mama”. Again and again he pushed forward into the charts.

In 2002 there was a break in style within the Kelly family. Patrick Kelly had his hair cut. A little later his father died of a stroke. The cohesion within the family became unstable due to the lack of a draft horse. The place of retreat and at the same time the common home was given up.

From 2003 Patrick Kelly released his solo album. The desire to start out as a solo artist and to work together with other artists became stronger in him. Numerous religious songs appear in the albums. Many singles stayed in the charts.

The rapid development of his career took its toll in 2004. Michael Patrick Kelly withdrew from public life and immediately lived in a monastery in France. He took vows and concentrated on his studies in philosophy and theology.

It was 2010 when Patrick Kelly decided to leave the monastic community. The complete deprivation from music had left him sad and in poor health. A year later he organized the “Silent Night” Christmas tour with his siblings Joey, Patricia and Kathy. The concert was a success.

Career highlights

The breakthrough with the Kelly Family came in 1992 with Patrick Kelly’s song “An Angel”. That was the door opener for a great career. This also applies to his solo debut in 2003, which reached number 13 in the German charts. After his stay in the monastery, Patrick Kelly sang his way back into the hearts of his fans with the song “Golden Age”. His career was rounded off by various TV appearances such as “Songs for Eternity” in December 2016 and “The Voice of Germany” in 2018.

Famous quotes

There are only a few quotes from Patrick Kelly. One of the best known dates from a time before he decided to enter a monastery:
“In the mind are old brakes and insecurities”.

Amazing Facts

Michael Patrick Kelly never went to public school. Nevertheless, he later studied philosophy and theology. His father taught him. He is fluent in five languages ​​and can play at least six instruments.

Michael Patrick Kelly works for a good cause. He supports the humanitarian aid of Caritas International. Again and again he visits aid projects abroad. He donated part of the proceeds from ticket sales to aid organizations.

Michael Patrick Kelly repeatedly admits in interviews that success changes people. It is important not to lose sight of the important things in life when circumstances change. Despite his great success, Kelly has never lost his footing.

Estimated value: €2.5 million