Mickie Krause net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €10 million
Age: 51
Born: 06/21/1970
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

short introduction

Mickie Krause is a German singer and entertainer. With his hits, he not only creates a good atmosphere at the Ballermann, but is also a guarantee for good party music in this country. Mickie Krause has also taken part in several TV productions for German entertainment television and is a welcome guest on the red carpet. His real name is Michael Engels, and he only owes his distinctive hairstyle to a wig with which he tries to protect his private life.

early life

Mickie Krause was born on June 21, 1970 in the small community of Wettringen, about 35 kilometers northwest of Münster, where he still lives with his wife and their 4 children in addition to his second home in Mallorca. He grew up in an orderly family environment and in his youth was the singer of his school band. He also described himself as a class clown and was in the Boy Scouts. Here he held the position of group leader in his Catholic scout group, which belonged to the ‘German Scout Association Sankt Georg’. At the age of 15, Mickie Krause was also named “Bravo Boy” by the youth newspaper of the same name. After graduating from school, he initially completed 2 training courses: as a textile finisher and as a youth and home educator.


Mickie Krause began his career in the 1990s as a so-called ‘warm upper’ for Birte Kalaus, Hans Meiser and Oliver Geissen. At the same time he was still the singer of the hit band ‘Erika Rehbein und das Schlagerkarussell’. In 1998 his first single was released on Dance Street Records’ label ‘Ladyland’. This single was the song ‘Anita’, which is still popular at many parties today. With ‘Anita’, Mickie Krause made it to Mallorca for the first time, where he performed live at the Hotel Riu Palace. A year later, in 1999, he finally made his breakthrough in the hit industry and in the German charts with ’10 Nackte Frisöse’. More hits followed, with which he still heats up the party guests at the Ballermann every season. In the winter months, Mickie Krause is now also a welcome singer at après-ski parties in well-known winter sports resorts such as Kitzbühel, and he currently performs around 180 times a year. He also has regular appearances in a wide variety of German TV formats. These include the series ‘Berlin – Day and Night’ (2012) and ‘Köln 50667’ (2013) as well as entertainment shows such as ‘Hells Kitchen’, ‘Now it’s getting weird’, ‘Wetten dass..?’ or the ‘TV Total WOK WM’.

Career highlights

After his hit ’10 Nackte Frisöse’, Mickie Krause released his first album in 2001 called ‘OK…Folgendes – Meine Höchste Freude Part 2)’. This was followed by another 7 albums until 2016, almost all of which made it into the top 100 of the German charts. He celebrated his greatest success in 2010 with the song ‘Schatzi, schenk’ mir ein Foto’, which was also successful in Austria and Switzerland and stayed in the German charts for a whole 45 weeks. Before and after that, he also sang songs like ‘Riß’ die Hütte ab’ (2003), ‘Geh mal fetch beer’ (2014), ‘Jan Pillemann Otze’ (2008), ‘Finger im Po, Mexico’ of the Ballermann and party crowd. In addition, Mickie Krause won his 5th Ballermann Award in 2019; he has already recorded many duets with some of his fellow musicians, including Jürgen Drews and Antonia from Tyrol. In his songs, which often have suggestive lyrics, he often uses oldies and folk songs, which significantly increases the recognition value of his music.

Famous quotes

“Frank Rosin is the Mercedes of chefs – I see myself more as a Nissan Micra.”

“We pop and mood singers should also show the flag against xenophobia and right-wing extremist violence.”

Amazing Facts

Although Mickie Krause is a good singer, he cannot read music and cannot play an instrument. In 2019 he opened a school in Rwanda after announcing it a year earlier at the “Nacht des Deutschen Schlagers” in Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). In addition, there are hardly any photos of Mickie Krause without a wig. In 2006 he bought Jürgen Drews’ “König-von-Mallorca-Mantel” in the RTL donation marathon.

Estimated value: €10 million