Mishal Pakistan initiative to encourage Journalism students, Media industry

Mishal Pakistan initiative to encourage Journalism students, Media industry

Mishal in Collaboration with Journalism Schools to launch Knowledge Empowerment Initiatives in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Mishal Pakistan is working with more than 15 journalism schools across Pakistan for human resource development in the media industry. Mishal plans to launch journalism scholarships, research initiatives for better industry-academia linkages and gold medal recognition in research and academic excellence for the students, researchers and professionals.

“Our research and media development initiatives have built the capacity of thousands of journalists and media professionals across Pakistan in the last twelve years” Mishal’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, Amir Jahangir said on the twelfth anniversary of Mishal Pakistan.

Networking with more than fifteen journalism schools across Pakistan is one of the recent initiatives by Mishal for human resource development in the media industry.

“Mishal is working closely with the leading research and academic institutions to develop interventions to improve the human capital and industry standards through knowledge-based initiatives” Amir Jahangir said.

Mishal Pakistan is the partner institute of the Center for International Media Ethics and in collaboration with its international partners have successfully created appreciation mechanisms for ethical and quality journalism in the country. Mishal assists the forum in creating soft-data on Pakistan, identifying Pakistan’s competitiveness challenges including primary health & education and higher education.

Mishal has created a unique model in Pakistan for private businesses to play their role as social enterprises, working to improve the human security and dignity through knowledge empowerment and information management.

Mishal’s foremost domain of activity is strategic communication with a spotlight on media development, behavior change communication, perception building and future scenario predictions using methodologies and resources that service the lifestyle and social needs of individuals, their families, the communities they live in and ultimately their larger domains.

Mishal’s initiative of Media Credibility Index and the annual AGAHI Awards to celebrate journalism excellence have been benchmarked by international media development organizations in other countries as well. Mishal will also be expanding its initiative of the TRUST Gold Medal recognition for the best public interest communication campaigns in the country.

Established in 2003, Mishal has been engaged with some of the most dynamic organizations, including media enterprises and global development agencies helping them develop their communication strategies and solutions for better understanding and creating synergies with their concerned stakeholders.

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