Mobilink and Warid become Jazz after merger

Mobilink and Warid become Jazz after merger

Jazz will now represent the merged operations of both Mobilink and Warid

Mobilink and Warid have finally merged into one brand called Jazz, Mobilink has officially confirmed.

Mobilink said that it has given up its brand name and will now be called as Jazz after its merger with Warid in late 2015.

Jazz — which will now represent the merged operations of both Mobilink and Warid — has also significantly reduced the number of outlets.

It was informed during a media briefing attended by Augie K. Fabela, co-founder and chairman emeritus of Jazz’s parent company VimpelCom, Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim, Chief of Corporate Affairs Ali Naseer and Director Communications and Sustainability Anjum Nida Rahman.

“Re-positioning and re-birth of Jazz is to bring back the entrepreneurial spirit, pioneering zeal and innovation culture that is true to what our future is going to be like!”, the co-founder and Chairman of VimpelCom Augie K Fabela said during his media talk.

“After its merger with Warid, Jazz aims high to compete with Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon and other tech giants, Jazz is no more competitors in local Pakistani operators,” said Mr. Fabela.

Mr. Fabela admitted that it’s a huge challenge because companies that Jazz is competing with are giants but we think we will have a proposition and value that consumers are going to stick with our services as compared to any free alternatives.

“Mobilink was a huge company and it had 335 outlets across the country, but Warid had 330 outlets despite the fact that it was almost one-third of Mobilink, so we have closed 260 outlets, of which 80 per cent are of Warid,” Jazz CEO Aamir Ibrahim said.

“Moreover, we don’t want to limit consumers to just entertainment or simple use of internet. We want to provide them knowledge and education,” Aamir Ibrahim added.

The company says it has more than 49 million subscribers and covers 80pc area of the country.

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