More than half of Pakistan’s coronavirus patients have recovered

More than half of Pakistan’s coronavirus patients have recovered

COVID-19 recoveries in Pakistan cross 125,000. Recovery rate is 55%

More than 125,000 coronavirus patients have tested negative for the virus and have made a full recovery as more than 11,000 previously positive patients tested negative for the virus.

This is a significant milestone as a little over 225,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the country. The current ratio of positive tests is over 15%, which is quite high but lower than the near 22% last month.

Better numbers than others

Pakistan is currently 12th in terms of number of cases reported. When it comes to number of deaths, Pakistan is 21st in the list with more than 4,600 deaths, clearly showing lower mortality rates from coronavirus compared to some of the other countries. In terms of tests conducted, Pakistan is at the 21st spot.

In terms of active patients, Pakistan is sixth on the list with more than 95,000 active cases. Pakistan is 13th in the list of most people recovered from the novel coronavirus. Pakistan is at the 85th position in terms of total number of cases per million people with 1,020.

Smart lockdown works

The recoveries and lower number of infections can be attributed to the smart lockdowns policy adopted by the government. While during the earlier period of COVID-19, the government called for a blanket shutdown except for essential services, the government is now closing down specific areas that are badly affected by the virus.

Most recent numbers show that 3,387 new cases were reported during the last 24 hours. During the same period, 68 people passed away. A total of 22,050 tests took place across the nation. More than 2,400 people are critical due to coronavirus across the country.

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