Muslim teenage girl assaulted in Florida Park

Muslim teenage girl assaulted in Florida Park

The video has been shared over 8,000 times and viewed more than 300,000 times on Facebook

A video shows the beating of 14-year-old West Boca High School student at the hands of a group of teenage girls at the Sunset Cove Amphitheatre Park.

In the 53-second video, one teen pulls the Muslim girl by the hair and drags her to the ground. She starts hitting the Muslim girl, who curls into a fetal position and covers her head.

Other teens start screaming in apparent glee and use their cellphones to video tape the fight.

Palm Beach County sheriff’s spokeswoman Teri Barbera said deputies are working with school officials to investigate the beating of the 14-year-old and added charges could be filed.

Her father, Shakeel Munshi, said he believes the attack was a hate crime and was bullying before the beating and they were threatening to kill her for being Muslim.

However police denied and said fight may have been over a boy and not religion, but didn’t elaborate. It happened at a park near West Boca High School, which the Muslim girl attends.

The girl, who agreed to meet with her attackers at the park, was treated at the hospital for head and face injuries and Munshi said she thought she was meeting them to talk.

The video has been shared over 8,000 times and viewed more than 300,000 times on Facebook.

An attorney for the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Florida Omar Saleh said he had a brief conversation with the girl’s mother, who said her daughter was receiving medical treatment. He didn’t know the severity of her injuries.

Palm Beach County School Superintendent Robert Avossa said in a statement that he is saddened by this senseless violence and disappointed that the students who videotaped the beating didn’t come to the girl’s aid.


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