Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan with caution amid pandemic

Muslims around the world celebrate Ramadan with caution amid pandemic

There will be restrictions on larger gathering in many parts of the world due to the coronavirus

As the Holy month of Ramadan arrives, the world is celebrating cautiously owing to the severe onslaught of coronavirus across the globe.

Most countries have limited the allied activities and have placed
restrictions and guidelines. Many normal activities may be limited, or may not take place at all this year.

During Ramadan, the Muslims around the globe abstain from meeting and drinking, as well as certain other activities, from pre-dawn to sunset. From the morning prayers in the Mosque to breaking fast with larger groups of friends and family and participating in many optional forms of Ibadat (worship) during Ramadan, Muslims do much to please the Almighty.

However, there are restrictions of various kinds in various parts of the world.

The number of visitors to the Holy City of Makkah will also be limited to ensure that the novel coronavirus does not spread. Social distancing practices will be observed as well. Entry for Umrah will be allowed to only those who have been vaccinated twice and a period of two weeks. The holiest site in Islam will be disinfected ten times a day by five thousand workers during Ramadan. Saudi Arabia has shut international travel several times in the last year. One hopes that there will be no such issues during Ramadan.

In Pakistan, local authorities have issued guidelines for the many activities during the holy month. SOPs for mosques were issued to especially ensure that the Taraveeh congregations do not lead to higher number of corona cases. Restrictions on markets are also in place.

Dinning in is banned and dining out is allowed during specified hours. Public and private entities have been asked to lower the staff presence
at work and should have a 50% work from home policy. There are also some restrictions on transport within the country.

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