Nena Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €12.5 million
Age: 62
Born: 03/24/1960
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Gabriele Susanne Kerner was born on March 24, 1960 in Hagen in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. She became known as a singer under the stage name Nena, which was also internationally successful.

early life

Gabriele, as Nena’s real name is, grew up with a younger brother and sister. She left high school after eleventh grade. Nena, a trained goldsmith, became a singer in a band. In 1978 she had her first live appearances with The Stripes, and the first single released followed in late 1979. The LP and the other singles were not a great success. In 1981, The Stripes split up.


Nena moved to West Berlin with her boyfriend and founded the band Nena there. Thanks to their appearance on television, the public became aware of the band Nena and the band achieved a place in the German charts with the song “Nur dreamed”. The single “99 Luftballons” followed. Accidentally discovered by a DJ in Los Angeles, this song subsequently spread throughout North America and sold millions of copies in the United States. The song became an international mega hit.

More albums followed before the band broke up in 1987 and Nena started her solo career some time later. She has also released a number of children’s song albums and has appeared on television, both as an actress and as a presenter. In 2002 she made a comeback with new versions of her old hits. In 2003, Nena’s duet with Kim Wilde was released. The song “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime” is a remake of an earlier hit. In Germany it reached third place in the charts. Even after this remake hit, she appeared more often on television again, not only as a singer. In 2011 Nena was a jury member and coach in the casting show “The Voice of Germany”.

In the summer of 2018, Nena celebrated her fortieth anniversary as a singer and toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Career highlights

Without a doubt, the song “99 Luftballons” was the highlight of Nena’s career. The song not only reached the top of the charts in Germany, but also in Mexico, Canada, Japan and Australia. The German version made it to number two on the Billboard charts in the US and the English version “99 Red Balloons” took number one on the UK charts.

Famous quotes

Nena expressed her love for children and for children who suffer from hunger with the following quote: “As long as children are starving in the world, there must be no cooking shows.”

But she also expressed her philosophical side and her wisdom with one of her famous quotes. She once said that you don’t grow old because you’ve lived a certain number of years. One grows old when one gives up one’s ideals.

Amazing Facts

At the age of three, Gabriele was on vacation with her family in Spain. There the locals called her Nena, which means “little girl”. Gabriele’s parents liked the nickname and Nena was Gabriele’s nickname from then on. That’s just one of the amazing facts about Nena. Here are four other interesting facts about Nena that only die-hard fans should know.

Nena was asked at the Madison discotheque in Hagen if she wanted to join The Stripes as a singer.

Christiane F., who became famous through the book “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo”, was largely responsible for the international success of “99 Luftballons”. She took the song along with other German songs to the USA. There, a DJ became aware of the song.

Since the song “99 Luftballons” or the English version was Nena’s only hit outside of Europe, it is considered a so-called one-hit wonder in these two countries.

Nena is vegan and received an award from PETA Germany as “Sexiest Vegetarian of the Year 2010” for her lifestyle.

Estimated value: €12.5 million