New wave of COVID batters the US, Europe

New wave of COVID batters the US, Europe

India remains on top in Asia with nearly 600,000 active coronavirus cases at the moment

Coronavirus is flaring up in the United States as well as in Europe as the number of cases is astronomically rising every day. The U.S. has been posting less than 50,000 cases a day for weeks. However, the number have risen in the recent days and yesterday, more than 91,000 new cases were reported. There are nearly three million active COVID-19 cases in the country.

Europe getting battered

France posted nearly 48,000 cases yesterday as the country looks to return to lockdown. The number of active cases are over 1.1 million. Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Belgium and Poland all posted over 20,000 new cases yesterday. Russia and Belgium are the only countries in Europe, apart from France, that have more than 300,000 active coronavirus cases at the moment. There are a total of nearly 5.5 million active coronavirus cases in the continent at the moment.

India remains highly affected

India remains on top of Asia with over 49,000 new cases yesterday. The number of cases in India has significantly fallen on a daily basis, from 90,000 plus cases a day a few weeks back. However, the total number of registered cases in India are about 8.1 million. The current number of active cases is close to 600,000. Iran recorded more than 8,000 new coronavirus cases yesterday. Apart from India, no other Asian country has more than 90,000 active cases.

Until a cure is found, being careful is the only way coronavirus can be avoided. In Pakistan, the daily cases have risen to over one thousand for the first time in months. Following SOPs, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing can help us get through this tough time.

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