Nick P. Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 60
Born: 04/06/1962
Country of origin: Austria
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

The Austrian singer and composer Nikolaus Presnik is hiding behind the pseudonym Nik P. His preferred style is Schlager. Nikolaus Presnik is divorced and the father of four children. His most famous song is “A Star… (that bears your name)”.

early life

Nikolaus Presnik was born on April 6, 1962 in Friesach in the Austrian province of Carinthia. While his mother was Austrian, his father was Russian, earning the family’s living by working as a farm hand. Nicholas was the third of five siblings. In his childhood, Nikolaus didn’t always have it easy. On the one hand, this was due to the lack of money from which the family had to suffer. On the other hand, the boy experienced exclusion because of his Russian-born father. Nikolaus had early contact with music through his father, who was sometimes visited by other people of Russian origin and who then sang Russian songs together, played the balalaika and were so happy that Nik P. still remembers these celebrations decades later. Nikolaus Presnik taught himself to play the guitar as a teenager.


After Nikolaus Presnik finished secondary school, he began training as a waiter. After military service, he initially worked as a carpenter and CNC technician. When he was 19, he and his cousin formed a band that performed in the local area. Nikolaus Presnik was promoted by his boss Klaus Bartelmuss. He recognized the young musician’s talent and set up a small studio for him in an old stable building. 1997 saw the release of Broken Heart, Nik P.’s debut album, which he recorded with his backing combo Reflex. This and the following albums and singles led to success. In 2005 there was a separation from the group “Reflex”. Following this, Nik P. founded a new band, which consists mainly of musicians who studied at the University of Music in Graz. Together with DJ Ötzi, Nik P. has set up a number of other projects.

Career highlights

Nik P. has released 14 studio albums so far. Of these, twelve were able to place themselves in the Austrian album charts. Of these twelve, eight made it into the top ten and three even made it to the top. His most successful single is undisputedly “A Star… (that bears your name)”. With this song, the artist was able to take first place in the single charts in both Germany and Austria. In Switzerland, the song took second place. In Germany, the song stayed in the charts for 108 weeks. This makes the song the fourth longest-running song on the singles chart. There are now more than 30 cover versions of this original composition by the singer. As part of the “Ultimate Chart Show”, a TV show by RTL, the song came first in the “most successful songs of the new millennium”. In Germany, Nik P. was awarded platinum four times. In Austria he received five gold records and six platinum records. In Switzerland he got a gold record.

Famous quotes

“My path has never been paved and smooth. On the contrary. My path was often very rough and I didn’t always know what to do next. Low blows come without warning, you have to learn to deal with them. Life is easier when you can do that. Rough paths often have to be walked in order to recognize the purpose of life, to realize that the sun doesn’t always shine.” “It helps to realize that everything is temporary. I live in this certainty that at some point I won’t be there anymore, it’s easier and more modest to live if you accept that.” “My father and my mother were very emotional people. Father in particular suffered greatly from war trauma and cried a lot. Because everything in his life turned out differently than he had originally imagined. He could celebrate and laugh and be really sad the next moment. I too can laugh and be happy and then something happens and I immediately cry. I inherited this emotional world from my father and that’s why I can address all facets of life in my lyrics and also tell a lot about myself.”

tips for success

The difficult childhood was a very formative experience for Nikolaus Presnik. The deprivation and exclusion have also steeled him a bit, so that he was able to go his own way. Had he grown up in a wealthy and respected family, he probably would not have had the courage to pursue his career as a musician. He finds it extremely important to become aware of the impermanence of all things. For Nik P., responsibility is a great virtue. It is absolutely essential that you deal responsibly with yourself and other people, but also with your own success. For him, warmth and affection are other important values ​​that people must have and should radiate to their loved ones. Especially in the digital age, these things are more important than ever.

Estimated value: €2 million